You’ve got to hand it to the Green Blob: it’s alive, it’s kicking, and it presents us with another example of perfect confusion in our Government, showing up our Whitehall Mandarins who ‘counsel’ Ministers for the weak, spineless EU puppets they are.

Remember way back when we had a Labour government who so cared for ‘The Planet™’ that they jubilantly  put in place whatever directives came from the Green Blob infested EU? As always, these were for our and The Planet’s™ own good. On the one hand, there were all those environmental surcharges, especially on our fuel bills, to help make the UK “carbon free”. Farming now meant farming wind and solar, plastering pastures, crop growing land and our beautiful uplands with solar panels and bird shredders. Looking good in Brussels was the aim.

At the same time, power stations were closed because wind is everywhere, isn’t it, and the sun shines all the time. And it’s for our own good because coal power stations are dirty and nuclear power is dangerous.

The insanity, the disjointed thinking, didn’t stop there though. Gordon Brown encouraged people to scrap their planet-destroying petrol-fuelled cars and buy diesel cars with taxpayers’ money. Diesel cars, we were told, were now so much cleaner than the old, smelly ones which made breathing very difficult in inner cities twenty and more years ago. So no worries, and anyway, there was the instrument of ‘congestion surcharges’, keeping our big inner cities’ air nice and pleasant.

But look at the headline in today’s DT:

“New diesel and petrol cars banned from UK roads by 2040”

The Green Blob must be delighted! Finally, every car will be clean and electric! Note that this is being sold to us not for ‘Save the Planet™’ reasons, but to keep us healthy and to keep the air clean.

One might ask how come Government and the EU didn’t know about diesel motors emitting what is labelled as ‘fine particles’ when they promoted them?

One might also ask how we’re going to generate the electricity to power all those cars? Does the Green Blob really think wind, wave and solar will suffice? And perhaps someone should ask why it is acceptable to pollute the air of the countryside around ‘wind farms’ – after all, we do know that wind farmers need to keep diesel generators tucked away out of sight to keep the wind turbine rotors running when there’s no or too much wind and the rotors cannot work.

Perhaps the Green Blob ought to tell us why it is acceptable to destroy the countryside in e.g. China, to accept the cost in human lives so that batteries can be produced which all those electric cars will need. This report was an eye opener – but of course, nothing much has changed. It is on a par with other Green Blob ‘initiatives’ to wean us horrible petrol-consuming, ‘carbon’ producing people off our destructive western lifestyle. Remember ‘bio fuel’, the palm oil plantations which destroyed the habitat of orangutans? The huge fields growing corn to make ethanol so as to make petrol ‘more palatable’?

We have talked again and again how insane it is to destroy landscapes, agricultural land, biodiversity in the name of saving the planet and the environment. The huge Green Lobby and the Green Blob in the EU, in our  and other countries’ governments, moves on regardless.

For the sake of headlines legislation is proposed which shows one thing only: no joined-up thinking exists in Whitehall. The Mandarins however are eminently capable of taming and domesticating any Minister, be he ever so clever. So in addition to the general questions the Green Blob should answer, let’s ask our Environment Minister the questions he should have asked his Mandarins before coming out with this green crap! For example: what he is planning to do to increase electricity generating capacities in the UK – how much will that cost in taxpayers’ money, and especially how much will this new electricity cost us consumers?

We can surmise one answer already: rationing! Many of us have been bombarded with leaflets and invitations to install ‘smart meters’. The pretext is to make us aware of how much electricity we consume and thus help us to ‘save money’. Of course, it’s just an evil rumour that these smart meters will be able to cut off our private electricity consumption at peak times! And anyway, why should people’s deep freezers keep running when everybody has to drive to work in their shining new electric cars!

Then there are the other questions which need answering: how are ordinary people going to afford buying these all-electric cars? One suspects a huge chunk of taxpayers’ money will be involved – but don’t worry: there’s still a lot of time left until 2040, we may all be dead by then! And what about all those old petrol and diesel cars? They need to be scrapped, right? So who is going to pay for that? The taxpayer, right? Never mind – there are still 23 years to go until 2040 and some clever people will surely have come up with a solution, won’t they! Sadly, one assumes they won’t because the evidence so far shows that, for the sake of ‘looking good and green’, Ministers are squandering our money right now, making our lives miserable and ever more expensive – for what? So-called “climate change” has been shown up as the hoax it is, but the Green Blob, and the powerful Green Lobby need their income stream going, so we’re relentlessly being pushed into misery, this time ‘for the sake of our health’.

Perhaps government is letting our streets and roads crumble because they know we won’t be needing them in future since we won’t have to drive cars any more … So where are the great projects of improving public transport? Rural public transport has vanished. Inner-city public transport is using the petrol and diesel motors which private owners must get rid of, and there aren’t any countrywide public transport projects because we ‘need’ to build HS2 …

It is my opinion that green crappery has poisoned the minds in government: Mandarins and their Ministers are incapable of thinking straight and use common sense.

Photo by emrank

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