“We are out”, said President Trump, announcing to the USA and the world on June 1st that he is withdrawing the USA from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (PACC). The PACC was ‘created’ in 2015, but the previous US President did not present it to Congress for the constitutionally necessary ratification. Instead, at the end of his Presidency in 2016 he signed an Executive Order to make it Law. Note well: EOs are only of the devil when Trump issues them – Obama’s were white as the driven snow.

The meltdown of the combined Left and International Green Lobby was a joy to behold. American climate lobbyists cried ‘it’s the end of the world’. Former Secretary of State John Kerry said that Americans would become poorer and children would now get more asthma this summer. The American publication ‘National Review’ – conservative but not Trump-friendly – described this phenomenon in an article with the brilliant headline: “The Left’s Unhinged Freakout over Trump’s Paris Accord Withdrawal”

Of course our friends in Germany, renowned for talking the good green talk while burning dirty brown coal in their new power stations, were incandescent. Comments everywhere on their MSM used the nice Latin sentence “Pacta sunt servanda” (‘Treaties must be kept’), because President Trump is, in their eyes, too ignorant to know this. How a treaty (a ‘pact’) can be observed when there actually isn’t one – well, that they don’t explain.

EU politicians from Merkel to Juncker – our PM sadly included – declared straightaway that they will keep the Paris Agreement, so there, President Trump!

The new French President, M Macron, gave a brilliant example of cake-eating-and-keeping-it. On the one hand he demanded that President Trump should not make America great again but ‘The Planet’, while on the other he cordially invited all good US climate scientists and industries to come to glorious France. Well, he didn’t say exactly who will be paying for that lot – the French taxpayers, one assumes.

Then there were the wails from ‘journalists’ and pundits across the EU that, oh my God, Trump is ‘isolating’ the USA from the World! How awful! Self-Isolation is the ultimate horror! The Germans especially kept warning us before Brexit that we’d suffer dreadfully through our self-isolated. Yeah right – we’re already eating grass in the UK, aren’t we!

Self-appointed ‘climate scientists’ moaned that Trump’s decision means the end of ‘freedom of science’ … which, translated into everyday language, means that they’re scared they won’t get their troughs filled by taxpayers as easily as before. Sad, innit.

Then we have the US states, nay, city mayors even – like the Mayor of Pittsburgh, who dominated the headlines on Friday morning – who objected and promised that they would keep ‘fulfilling’ the obligations of the PACC. Fine – nobody, not even President Trump, is preventing them from doing just that. Their taxpayers, once they, rather than Big Government, have to foot the bill, may think otherwise.

Of course, the Big Business Bosses, the billionaires with their fleet of private jets who have profited most from the scam, thanks to green subsidies footed by us little people through our taxes, are wailing and stomping their feet as well. Isn’t it dreadful that Trump didn’t listen to Mr Elon Musk, maker ofTesla electric cars (tax-payer subsidised – nuff said …!). Now they won’t speak to him, so there!

The one point all those noble defenders of the Climate Change milch cow never do is a proper cost-benefit analysis. President Trump quoted numbers, e.g. that the PACC, if everybody on the planet kept to it, would reduce the global temperature by 0.2º C by 2100. He showed that billions of $ would be paid to allow China and India to keep building CO2-producing power stations. Then he mentioned the UN ”Green Slush Fund”, according to which $100 billion are to be paid per year to developing countries to help them develop their industries using renewables. Obama ‘committed’ the USA to an annual payment of $3 billion. That’s why they love the PACC, especially since nobody, as Trump pointed out, is going to check how they spend that money.

In 2010, the German Climate Change pusher Ottmar Edenhofer said:

“Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated.”

That was 7 years ago. The PACC is Cancun on steroids.

We’ve seen since 2010 how this distribution has worked out in practice, with the Western nations paying to support industries in e.g. China and India. So, thanks to that Climate Change Policy of wealth redistribution, our heavy industries are no longer competitive on the world markets because of our exorbitant energy costs. These same industries pay far less in India or China, not least because we send our tax money, dressed up as ‘green incentives’, to support them. You do remember the closing of our steelworks in Port Talbot?

In the final days of the election campaign, one would’ve hoped that Ms May would now announce the repeal of the ‘Climate Change Bill’, created by Ed Miliband and put on the statute books under Gordon Brown. But no: she’d rather ‘stand with Juncker, Merkel and Macron’ – Brexit or not. Let that sink in!

Since the UK’s contribution of 2% to the global production of CO2 simply must be reduced by “de-carbonisation”, brownouts, the destruction of our landscapes and our economy as well as the high energy prices paid by everyone of us, are irrelevant. Virtue signalling to the institutionalised possessors of ‘green virtue’ is more important than economics.

I still wonder, after all these years, why none of the ‘greens’ seem to think it worthwhile to actually clean up our local environments as opposed to chasing the rainbow of reducing CO2 emissions to ‘save the planet’. One eruption of a volcano anywhere in the world can scupper that goal in moments.

Isn’t it wonderful though how “Teh World™” wails in unison about Bad Trump! He showed in his speech that their virtue signalling is nothing but greed for more taxpayers’ money. He has now closed the tap for green slush funds.

The self-perpetuating jamboree of green crappery is finally over – and about time, too!

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