So, is the world suffering from man-made Global Warming or Climate Change as we have been told since the 1980s by the Great and the Good?   No to Global Warming since there has been none for the past 17 years, but Climate Change?  Quite possibly.

In 891 AD. Eric The Red set off from Iceland with a few followers to explore a land to the west which they had probably spotted some time before while sailing out in their longboats, and then returned three years later with about 500 fellow Vikings. At first they settled on the south-east coast, close to the tip of this new land and then, as the population grew, created a further settlement to the south-west.

They called their new home ‘Greenland’.

It has been suggested that this name was a ‘spin’, a publicity stunt to entice more Vikings to come to join the new settlers, but this would have been pointless if it had been impossible for them to survive. They must at least have been able to create their own dwellings, build their own fires, make their own clothes and above all, grow their own food since their compatriots in Denmark and Iceland would have been neither able nor willing to row their longboats out each month with the groceries.

At present, the temperatures in Greenland range from a maximum of 7C in July to -9C in January. This is too cold for grain such as wheat and even rye to grow and ripen in the short summer of such northern latitudes. Nor are sheep and cattle happy at those temperatures. Also, wood is needed for the building of houses and boats and of course, for fires, but Greenland is now above the treeline and  only bushes and such weak trees as birch survive.  Yet in 1991, two caribou hunters stumbled over a log on a snowy Greenland riverbank.  Over the past century, further archaeological investigations found frozen sheep droppings, a cow barn, bones from pigs, sheep and goats and remains of rye, barley and wheat all of which indicate that the Vikings had large farmsteads with ample pastures. The Greenlanders obviously prospered, because from the number of farms in both settlements, whose 400 or so stone ruins still dot the landscape, archaeologists guess that the population may have risen to a peak of about five thousand. They also built a cathedral and churches with graves which means that the soil must have been soft enough to dig, but these graves are now well below the permafrost.

It follows that temperatures must have been higher than those of today during that first settlement of Greenland, which lasted from approximately 900 until the mid-1400s AD, when these settlements died out, but since the Greenlanders in 1000 AD did not burn coal or use petroleum gasoline, these temperatures could not have been due to an increase in man-made CO2 emissions and therefore All Their Fault. Yet the whole reason for the Anthropogenic Warming Scare is to thrust upon the world’s population the idea that industrialisation in the West over the last 100 years and our profligate use of fossil fuels is producing a run-away heating of the planet through the emission of greenhouse gases, mainly CO2, which unless checked will lead to its — and humanity’s — death.  And it is indeed, All Our Fault.

The idea that the world’s climate could change, becoming warmer or colder, was anathema to The Powers That Be, and they almost managed to air-brush out of existence the warming period during the Medieval centuries and also the Little Ice Age which was another world-wide event, lasting from roughly the early 14th century to the mid-19th century with short interspersed warm periods. Luckily,  it is well-known from written reports that temperatures must at times have been considerably lower than in the Medieval Warming Period since Frost Fairs were often held on the frozen Thames until 1814 and in 1658, during the coldest period of the Little Ice Age, King Karl X Gustav of Sweden led an army across the frozen Danish waters to lay siege to Copenhagen.

It was during the 14th century that the Viking settlements in Greenland gradually died out.  Glaciers grew, sea ice advanced and marine life migrated southwards as it did so, leaving the Greenlanders with a smaller catch. The summers became shorter and progressively cooler, limiting the time cattle could be kept outdoors and increasing the need for winter fodder which became less available. Trade between Greenland, Iceland and Europe became more difficult and finally ceased.  It can only be hoped that a few Greenlanders escaped to re-settle somewhere less cold before starvation overcame them all.

But since temperatures during the Medieval Warming Period were higher in Greenland than they are even today, and since this was followed by a Cooling Period, and since this has happened many times before (which have not been considered here), the fact that the earth may have warmed somewhat since the mid 1850s is not unusual. Nor will it be unusual if the temperatures now start to drop.

So why this attempt to brainwash people into believing in a Global Warming that is apparently All Our Fault?   Could it be that the western governments are happily looking forward to a vast increase in taxes to pay for measures to reduce ’carbon emissions’ and even the possibility of a Global Government to control everything?

No, Global Warming and even Climate Change is not All Our Fault and we should stop feeling so guilty about it!

(This article first appeared on “Watts Up With That” but the copyright is retained with the author, so is reproduced here with some modifications)

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