My fellow Brexiteers,

Please pass this on to as many like-minded people as you can.

We don’t have long to make our voices heard and persuade the government that we, the electorate, reject their Brexit policy.

We need volunteers to help us deliver this message. Our opening salvo will be on commuter trains and at railway stations in Hampshire, primarily those mainline stations that feed London. We want our leaflet to encourage Brexiteers within the Conservative grass roots to voice their disgust within their party structure. Nothing scares a politician more than the fear of losing their nomination. We must be the catalyst to force an internal coup. May must step aside for a committed Brexiteer.

We need volunteers to help us deliver leaflets on Friday 20thJuly 7am-10am outside any mainline railway station, and Monday 23rd July all day… Can you help? Even if it’s just for an hour or two?

If you can, please contact and let us know which stations you can operate from – and your address for a leaflet drop-off. If you need transport, we can help.

We don’t have long to fight this stitch-up, but with your help the con-artists will know we won’t be going away and we’ll fight them until we get the result we voted for.

Log in to to attend our meeting in Shawford on 26th July, 7-30pm.

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