Because we didn’t sign the EU’s Schengen Agreement, some would say that Britain has never given up control of its borders and, because we are ‘protected’ by the EU’s Dublin Regulation we ‘know’ that those seeking asylum will have their applications processed by the country in which they arrive and, if that country grants them asylum, we ‘know’ that it will accept the responsibility of looking after them. We also ‘know’ that that country will honourably discharge its duty towards those not granted asylum, in the manner prescribed by EU regulation.

Also, the rules say that the refugees are not free to travel where they like so, if afterwards they arrive in Britain, the British authorities can send them back to the country where they first sought asylum.  The requirements are clear and unambiguous, compliance with what is required is auditable and measurable yet, because those that ultimately call themselves refugees are able to move across countries and borders with an ease so surprising and an impact so off-the-scale I am able to say, with confidence…

Breaking news – Rationing has returned to britain! 

What has become rationed?

·        School places. ·        Pre-school places.
·        Care home places. ·        Care hours.
·        Social housing. ·        Respite hours.
·        Hospital beds. ·        Access to GPs.
·        Government concern. ·        Political responsibility.
·        Political accountability. ·        Social responsibility.
·        Social accountability. ·        Democracy.
·        Prison places. ·        Justice.

Ordinarily, what isn’t rationed is usually good news, in this case it’s bad news…

What Isn’t Rationed?

·        Spin. ·        Subterfuge.
·        Unpatriotic political agenda. ·        Indoctrination of the                           vulnerable.
·        Cash for the stay-in                             campaigns. ·        Unpatriotic big-business                    agenda.
·        Selective legal aid. ·        Treachery.
·        Criminal opportunism. ·        Indoctrination of the young.
·        Subversive elements. ·        EU-is-good propaganda.

I began with Drake’s Drum and would like to end with it; with a single line that I would have wished to dedicate to David Cameron but can’t, in his case, it just wouldn’t be true…

‘He sees it all so plainly as he saw it long ago.’

Photo by HerryLawford

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