The whole of the UK with people of all ages voted recently to leave the political European Union, by a significant margin.  Now the younger generation is accusing the older generation of stealing their future. Outrageous!

The younger generation are so hard done by, aren’t they?  I mean to say, if it wasn’t for the EU there would have been more wars in Europe since the second World War.  Rubbish!  It was NATO that prevented it and where was the EU when there were massacres in Serbia and Croatia?

Wasn’t the recent civil war in Ukraine actually caused by the EU inviting the Ukraine to become an associate member of the Union so Germany could get cheap coal from mines there? The reason is that in Ukraine the workers’ rights are not as extensive as in Germany so the coal is cheaper.

Isn’t it because of the EU the younger generation are now enjoying amazing workers’ rights that only really big business can afford or government employees get by over taxing the private sector?

Do the younger generation believe all these benefits come for free with no knock-on effect?  Do they not realise that increased workers’ benefits that cost the employers more are making them less profitable, making manufacturing less economic, making any labour-intensive industry uncompetitive on the world stage.

It is all very well to swan about on the Continent enjoying the scenery and sunshine and wallowing in different European cultures but woe betide you if you inadvertently commit something considered a crime in that culture but not in your native country.

Now that Teresa May has surrendered the right of Habeas Corpus by the adoption of the European Arrest Warrant you are no longer safe wherever you are in Britain or on the continent. You can be taken into custody by a foreign official and deported to the country of the alleged crime and detained for an extended period.

It is not required under EU civil law that you be brought before a court with the justification for your detention being made, as has been your right under Habeas Corpus in Britain for the last 800 years.

The older generation has never been given a referendum on whether or not the Prime Minister at the time should sign the next treaty giving away the rights of the British people that were not his to give.  We only had one referendum and that was by Harold Wilson three years after Edward Heath had signed to join the European Economic Community.

Since then successive Prime Ministers, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have signed away our rights without our consent.  Isn’t it well overdue that the older generation at last gets a chance to vote retrospectively on these affronts to democracy and sovereignty?

The young may have valid grievances about their lot but these are not the fault of the older electorate but are the result of government policy and EU regulations and laws.  For example it was Labour who decided 50% of young people should go to university; how wonderful, but like most socialist policies economically unsustainable.

Whereas the governments previously had been able to afford to give free tuition to the limited numbers, they could not afford to fund the 50% so they introduced tuition fees. These were affordable even by relatively poor families if the costs were met part by the family and part by the student getting work during holidays.

Then the government decided the universities could not really cope with the numbers and needed extensive investment in facilities, so tuition fees were raised to an unaffordable level.  But now the young people have decided that even though going to university will saddle them with debts for life it is their right to go.

All their working lives the older generation were told to pay generously into pension pots and to save for their retirement.  Then Gordon Brown gave the control of interest rates to the Bank of England to be used solely to control inflation and to prevent boom and bust.   Having been used by all previous governments to control the housing market, the link between housing and interest rates was now removed.

With long term low interest rates people could risk taking otherwise unaffordable long term mortgages, so the result was the housing market boomed and is still booming.  This led to the banks over-extending their reserves in order to offer everyone mortgages that many could not afford.  So it led to the banking crises and unaffordable house prices for the young.

Gordon Brown then started raiding the private pension pots to the tune of £5,000,000,000 a year.  That caused their long term value to tumble and they are still going down.  So when the older generation reached retirement age, the pensions were a shadow of former promises and savings were and still are producing pitifully low annual interest.

Now of course the younger generation are calling on their parents and grandparents to give them money to buy houses and cover other costs necessary to keep up with all the comforts of modern living.  How dare they now claim that a vote to leave the EU is the older generation ruining their future?

The EU has no future except stagnation, collapse and likely riots and civil war.  Britain outside the EU has the opportunity of trade with the world, with less control and regulation of our manufacturing processes to allow us to again become competitive on world markets.

We will manufacture and sell goods and provide goods and services with employment way beyond the straightjacket of EU regulations and directives and trade deals.

We voted to leave to correct decades of undemocratic decisions by Britain’s prime ministers and to give Britain and our descendants a chance for a better life and control over those who make our laws.  In time when the younger ones themselves become older ones they will maybe realise the benefit of democracy, which is the ability to kick out governments when we become sick of them and have hope that the replacement will do a better job.  This is something no one can do with the EU that has controlled our lives for the last four decades.

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