We are not at war with islam..

That’s what our Leaders keep telling us, and that’s what many members say. They are right: “we” are indeed not “at war” – yet. But – what if the other side is already at war with us?

It is getting more and more difficult to piece together incidents, stories and events to get at the whole picture because, from rape to murder, these are  simply not reported in our MSM. Therefore, they cannot have happened. The standard reply is “I never heard of this”, implying that it’s got to be a lie. Sometimes, like seeing an iceberg in the distance, one gets a glimpse. We do know that icebergs are to 90% underwater. That makes them so dangerous. We should assume therefore that the bits of stories which do make it into the media are indeed the tip of that huge iceberg that is the islamification of our country.

Let’s take another look at that anodyne statement that ‘we are not at war with islam’: true, at the moment there are no shootings or bombings here, there is no blood in the streets, all is peaceful. The wars fought in the Middle East – they are far, far away. Nothing to do with us. We are peaceful. We don’t provoke. We don’t go into areas which have become self-declared ‘muslim caliphates’. Hands up: when was the last time you visited Bradford, or Tower Hamlets? No, me neither …

If you think this is just a quaint British problem, caused by us being horrible racist islamophobes; that paying muslims more benefits – which they regard as their due, called ‘jizyah’ -, or that appeasing them by professing that islam is the ‘religion of peace’ will make it all go away, and will make them become ‘British’, think again!

This islamification is a world-wide problem, and it follows the exact pattern everywhere. Just google ‘images for “no democracy, we want islam” …’

Incidences of so-called ‘lone wolf attacks’ overseas aren’t even reported in the ‘mixed news from across the world’. The latest was a priest stabbed at the altar by a muslim – in Mexico. One has to go to certain specialist websites where news only mentioned in local media are translated for the rest of us. Breitbart London usually reports a handful of stories every day, from across the UK and Europe. But like toddlers who put their hands over their eyes our leaders seem to think that if they can’t see it, it didn’t happen. This is a widespread attitude, especially amongst the metro-elites and the MSM: if it’s not on the BBC or in the NYT, it simply did not occur.

So for our leaders, for our metro-elites, all is peaceful – and no pertinent questions ever get asked, such as “how come there are suddenly so many stabbings and killings by ‘lone wolves’ who, the authorities say, have ‘mental problems’, diagnosed immediately not by professionals but by the police and the reporters”?

Our NHS obviously doesn’t have enough resources to treat all those poor souls! Give more money to the NHS! I’ve not yet heard of a medical cure against islam … 

But the NHS really do need lots more money. There’s a ‘new epidemic’, as this report describes: 1 in 5 Child Deaths in London Borough Caused by Parents Being ‘Close Relatives. One would have thought that this would have been worth a national outcry: how can this be allowed to happen?

Well – ‘it’s their culture, innit, and who are we to judge’, so don’t mention it, just as we couldn’t be informed of the grooming and gang rape ‘culture’ which destroyed the lives of so many of our white, underage girls in so many of our towns and cities, for fear of a “backlash”. However – all is not lost! When enough time has passed, say nearly two decades, the BBC can make a nice, ‘edgy’ docu-drama (see this e.g. review, the comments are very interesting!, and especially this one) which will garner them some BAFTAs. That’ll help these girls, won’t it!

Just as the BBC docudrama doesn’t mention the religion of the criminals, so do the authorities not name the reason which leads to the death of those children: inbreeding because of consanguinity, a.k.a. ‘cousin marriages’, imported into our country from places where this is the norm because of – religion. Instead they counsel to teach more genetics in schools! As if a muslim girl would be able to tell her parents she won’t marry her cousin because of genetics, and they would listen to her!

Let’s play my favourite media-game, the “substitution game”. This “game” always helps to focus on why events are reported the way they are. So – what, do you think, would the government do, what would our leaders say if all of these lone-wolf attacks, those grooming-and-rape crimes, those child deaths due to inbreeding had been perpetrated by white men?

The whole of the Westminster Establishment and their MSM would be in perpetual uproar. We’d have new prisons built, perhaps even the death penalty re-instituted. The feminists would be screaming so loudly we wouldn’t be able to hear ourselves think. While they screech about ‘rape culture’ where even a look is potential rape when done by a white man, they welcome the culture of institutionalised rape brought here by the acolytes of the RoP.

But since ‘we are not at war with islam’, nobody in Westminster Village dares to connect the dots or raise their heads above the parapet. Nobody dares to say that yes, there is one single attribute which these criminals have in common: they are all muslims. Our leaders are even too scared to point out that islam is not a race and that naming the one thing these perps have in common is therefore not racist.

No – they demand that we all keep our heads firmly in the sand and don’t mention you-know-what. 77 years ago, that attitude would have meant that we’d all be speaking German now!

Pretending an enemy attacking us does not exist – that is treason, ultimately leading to surrender. We know that ‘islam’ means ‘submission’. Tell me – does one ‘submit’ to someone who is at peace with us? Doesn’t submission require giving in to someone hostile, to an enemy who conceivably might be ‘at war’ with us? But we are not at war … or are we?


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