In this General Election year, shouldn’t Establishment politicians, their sound bites, speeches, interviews, ‘debates’, party political broadcasts and printed materials come with suitably worded warnings to remind everyone that all is unlikely to be what it seems?  This would be sensible since their words and ‘promises’ frequently turn out far different and worse than expected.  Politics remains somewhat archaic since the voter really does need to beware; ultimately there are limited protections available and these days the Establishment parties have long track records of sophisticated manipulation and exploitation of good, honest, hardworking citizens.

The following are a few possible warnings, listed in categories for convenience starting with…

Warnings about the performance of professional politicians

Politics are known to often include intrigue, artificiality, evasion, concealment and dishonesty

Past performance is no guarantee that future results will be any better

By voting for us or remaining silent you agree to us doing anything

Only your vote and money are important to us

Laws, rules and burdens we mandate on you often do not apply directly to us

We retain a right to deceive, manipulate and abuse you, and betray your trust

Misrepresenting (smearing) a political opponent or other unethical tactics is common

Warnings about what “professional” politicians are saying or claiming

Politicians routinely overstate the benefits and understate the costs of their policies

‘Promises’ or commitments are not guaranteed

The following is only intended to appear true

Repetition (by a politician) does not guarantee truthfulness and may be intended to deceive

Politicians often conceal their true intentions and ‘grandstand’ to give solidity to pure wind

No effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of statements being made

The following ‘claims’ or ‘facts’ have not been independently verified

Statistics and facts have been used selectively and probably conceal the true picture

All information and ‘promises’ in this manifesto are liable to change at any time

‘Clear plans’ are not necessarily comprehensive, refined and workable

The politician making these ‘pledges’ has no experience or track record of successful delivery

Some specific warnings of things to watch out for

Politicians often make you poorer and waste your money

A vote for ….. could seriously damage your bank balance

Our new laws and regulations will be in addition to the burden of existing ones

We have ignored any additional burdens or undesirable consequences arising from our policies

We intend to meddle in your life in ways you cannot yet imagine

And when things go wrong

The consequences of our policy mistakes and follies are often irreversible

We never accept blame or to admit any failure or under-performance against ‘promises’

Deceit and secrecy may be used to cover up our failures, follies and ‘U’ turns on commitments

If our policies don’t work as intended they will not be abandoned

It is never our intention to govern in accordance with your wishes

Should you be dis-satisfied, we do not have a formal complaints process

Finally: Could warnings help change their behaviour?

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