Imagine you’re Marty McFly.  You’ve travelled through time and arrived at the end of a UK parliamentary term. Sadly your DeLorean is a bit faulty (aren’t they always) and although you know it’s May, you’ve no idea what year it is.

But there’s some clues. Everyone you meet is talking about the upcoming election, and complaining about a Government which has:

  • Widened the gap between rich and poor
  • Borrowed hundreds of billions of pounds to make ends meet, but has no hope of paying it back, and consequently has a National Debt which is just getting bigger and bigger
  • Increased the level of taxation on those who earn the least (either through raising income tax or VAT), but then also given billions to bail out bankers, ensuring they still get their bonuses
  • Deployed UK troops into an unwinnable (and possibly illegal) war, with no clear plan or exit strategy

There are also millions of young people unemployed and the Government’s failure to stand up to the EU has made the situation far worse.  Hundreds of thousands of unskilled immigrants from Eastern Europe are still arriving each year without any entry criteria or background checks.  This has undercut the native workforce and driven down wages.

Have you guessed the year?   Is it May 2010 at the end of the Blair / Brown era or May 2015 at the end of the Conservative led coalition?  Impossible to say really isn’t it – and therein lies the problem. 

I’m going to let you into a secret that politicians from the the old parties don’t want you to realise: There is no left & right in politics any more.  There is no difference between blue and red.  The old idealogical differences were blurred into obscurity with the rise of New Labour.  It’s time the UK electorate to woke up and smelled the coffee.

Of course it wasn’t all New Labour’s fault.  The problem was compounded when David Cameron became Conservative leader and embarked on an ill-fated agenda to detoxify the Tory brand by aping Tony Blair and destroyed the Tory grass roots in the process.  I’m not sure exactly when the  Conservative party stopped being the party of small government and fiscal responsibility, but I bet it was around about the same time Labour stopped being the party of the Working Man, and focussed on the ‘Shirking Man’ instead.  What we’re witnessing is two teams swapping shirts at the end of the match!

So how similar are New Labour & ‘Blue Labour’ (aka the Conservatives?).  Well, Both parties want us to be governed by the unelected EU.  They both have identical economic polices of amassing gargantuan levels of debt, then passing the responsibility of paying it back onto future generations.  So it’s fair to say that both of them have philosophies which are financially and morally bankrupt – not to mention anti-democratic.

The Labour party widened the gap between rich and poor, and the Conservatives continued to run a huge deficit and add billions to the national debt to pay for social engineering projects.  How do we tell the difference between the two largest parties?

What happened to left & right – or even just right & wrong?

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