There was an EU Summit in Brussels yesterday, about the “Migrant crisis”. German papers are writing openly about this meeting having been a ‘bazaar’, and about how Turkey has bamboozled the naive Madame Merkel, who had a long meeting before the Summit with the Turkish PM, Mr Davutoglu. The comments in German online papers show in the majority that the Germans are, ahem, ‘not amused’. In plain words, Turkey has gracefully agreed to ‘take back’ all illegal Syrian immigrants – never mind that nobody knows if they are Syrians, nor who is ‘illegal’ – if the EU, in a one-for-one swop, takes in the presumably legal Syrian refugees now living in Turkey.

Oh – and that’ll cost the EU another three billion Euros, in addition to the already promised three billion. 

Oh – and from June this year, Turks can travel into the EU without needing a visit.

Oh – and of course the proposed EU membership of Turkey will be accelerated.

Our excellent PM, Mr Cameron, is so happy with this result that he’s promised an extra £500 million to Turkey (that’s coming on top of what we pay to Brussels), and warned us that, even if we leave, we ‘can do nothing’ about the immigrants – legal or not – to come here, while crowing at the same time that this Summit result would help us to strengthen our Borders. Yes, really!

Nigel Farage said ‘EU actions are going from bad to catastrophic. Visa-free access to the EU for Turks will only encourage more economic migrants. Turkey is a state with a terrible human rights record which has facilitated Isis fighters and finance. It’s completely wrong-headed of Cameron to support this move and indeed full Turkish accession.‘How will an economically failing, migrant-flooded EU look in ten years’ time?’ 

Good question – how indeed, with the civil war between Turks and Kurds being ‘imported’ into the EU? 

David Davis said: ‘We are being held to ransom by the Turkish government. This whole charade proves what pitiful influence we have within the EU.The fact we are set to give Turkey £500 million to help them deal with their own crisis – and then allow 77 million Turks visa-free access to Schengen by the summer as a bonus – demonstrates that the EU is a very weak negotiator in these matters, and is a club we are better off not being a part of.’ 

It looks as if the EUrocrats in Brussels must know something already about the Referendum outcome, because this looks like a more-or-less straightforward swop-job by the Brusselocrats: Turkey IN – Great Britain OUT. Do they have access to secret, internal polling data showing that BREXIT will happen?

One is tempted to think or hope so …

This Summit illustrates very nicely not just that we’ll be better off OUT, it underlines in exemplary fashion indeed that and why we in Great Britain cannot be part of this bazaar without losing all that has made us Great.

There is no probity in this ‘market place’, where a word given isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, where Laws are being disregarded as long as ‘the money is right’, where certain national leaders are being vilified for looking after their people’s and nation’s interest, like Hungary’s Mr Orban, while so-called “EUropean Values” like freedom of the press can be utilised on the one hand to slap down Poland for doing what France, Germany and we here have been doing for decades: allowing the government to have a say in who will be the director of the State Radio and TV (paid for by the people’s taxes), while not even blinking when a Turkish paper is being put under police and state control for being, ahem, anti-Erdogan. And let’s not even mention the long and very bloody civil war of the Turkish government against the Kurds … 

One might, just might, understand the EU trying to make a deal with Turkey about the ‘immigrant crisis’, given that these immigrants mostly come via Turkey – but that surely ought to have been Brussels telling Turkey what to do? After all, they’ve been very good at doing just that when it comes to Greece, Cyprus, or Spain, when it’s about money.

To use actual human beings like chips on a game table, that is so utterly despicable – regardless of what you think about these migrants – that, disregarding everything else bad about the EU, this is a ‘club’ to which no-one should want to belong who has any feelings for humanity!

But never mind all that – there’s going to be another ‘Summit’ about this later this month, so Cameron may well saddle us with  yet another £500 million … because “we are powerless” and it doesn’t matter if we’re In or OUT.

I say: if we’re going to be “powerless” anyway, let’s be “powerless” OUT!

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