The response to Anne Marie Waters’ article “UKIP must face Islam or die” has been impressive. Just as there was pent up demand for a party to speak out over immigration so there is a similar pent up demand over Sharia. Only UKIP can say what everyone is in fact thinking but no other party acknowledges, and it is clear that Anne Marie is the person we want to do that for us.

An anti-Sharia unit inside UKIP would be like a room to shout in outside of which no-one can hear. It would allow the party hierarchy to contain Anne Marie. And they will want to contain her. Recall that Anne Marie’s candidacy in the London Assembly and Mayoral elections was ended because of her (entirely reasonable) support for Pegida UK and because Anne Marie placed fidelity to the cause of opposing Sharia over personal ambition in the party. That is, someone wanting to do something to oppose Sharia was not tolerated or allowed to be tested in election. Cronyism is still rife in UKIP and we must fight and clamour and demand that Anne Marie Waters is given a position. We need her to be nothing less than an official spokesperson (for Religious and Social Affairs, say).

By all means write to Head Office to urge that Anne Marie is given a position but recognise that will go the way of previous peasants’ revolts. Even if 1000 members resign the leadership will simply say 29,000 did not and carry on regardless. We need to mandate branch Chairmen to send the message that 1) not a penny more and 2) no ground troops in any election, unless and until Anne Marie Waters is given a position. A strike by branches will have more impact than individuals letting off steam. If your chair is a Sharia appeaser or a party apparatchik with personal ambition, then dump him or her. An astute leadership – far from obvious ours is after Stoke – would get ahead of this and avoid the coming humiliation that will be theirs if they do not, and appoint Anne Marie now. I do not know if Anne Marie is still a party member but that is easily remedied. I will happily pay her subscription.

Just as people came to UKIP as the only party speaking out against uncontrolled population growth through immigration, outpacing the country’s ability to match that growth with appropriate infrastructure, so a party determined to preserve our way of life, really stand up for it, will attract the many who are not spoken for by the other parties. Yes, diversity is good but only if it is diversity with commonality. Multiculturalism allowed immigrants not just to import their dysfunctional and backward cultures and pursue them here instead of in the stagnating and failing countries they left, but to actually grow and strengthen their viciously prejudiced and patriarchal cultures right under our noses on the taxpayers’ dime. We need to push back.

There will be the usual squeals of racism, xenophobia, and bigotry. But the specifics of anti-Sharia can be embedded in a broader policy of relegating religion out of public life. In Singapore, for example, you can have a mosque, a synagogue, a Hindu temple, and several denominations of Christian church in proximity to one another without any discernible problems at all. How is this possible? Each creed blasphemes the other after all.

It is achieved by a firm policy of 1) religion is a private matter that is not allowed to intrude into public life, and 2) a government that clamps down on any attempt to proselytise. That is, when it comes to 1) Singapore really means it. So, the complete opposite of the UK then. It is bizarre that the British who tamed Christianity through satire and ridicule now indulge “faith” and one faith in particular with savage consequences for the nations daughters.

The doctrine of cultural and moral relativism prevented any effective response to the threat from the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafism from Saudi Arabia which has turned Islam into a political movement. The problem of Sharia in our society needs to be met, therefore, with a full on political response because it is a political power grab under cover of the special privileges of “faith” to which our craven politicians pander.

In addition to Anne Marie’s points, we need to stop allowing Saudi Arabia to fund the building of mosques, to stop the immigration privileges of immans, and to stop state subsidy of faith schools and Muslim Councils of this and that. If people want to go to a mosque on a Friday, a Synagogue on a Saturday, or a church on a Sunday, then so be it. But it is a private matter. No special privileges. And no turning a blind eye either.

We owe it to the children of Rotherham and elsewhere to oppose tolerating Sharia, Islamic racism, homophobia and misogyny. After the Tunsian beach massacre the first act of the government was to close down 80 radical mosques. Oh that we had their robust, common sense approach. Never again must we see any acknowledgment or implied endorsement of Islam’s practices as in that now infamous Stoke leaflet.

Winston Churchill, speaking in the House of Commons in 1936, said: ‘the use of recrimination about the past is to enforce effective action at the present’. Quite. Our spokesperson should keep reminding every newspaper, radio and TV interviewer of the establishment’s shameful, limp wristed past on Sharia.

As happened over the EU and over immigration, the people’s view is ignored once again but this time on Islam. The people’s view is a UKIP issue if ever there was one. And Anne Marie Waters is the person to represent us on that. No-one else even comes close. Kippers had bucket loads of courage when campaigning in the face of brickbats and insults. They deserve leaders with a courage to match

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