The Great British Public have been waiting 40 years for a free and fair referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. Ever since David Cameron’s Bloomberg speech announcing an In/Out referendum before the end of 2017, Eurosceptics in all parties have been concerned the Prime Minister will plot and undermine the vote to swing it in his favour.

It has been reported Cameron plans to send out a biased pro-EU dossier to every single British family before the referendum – funded by you and me! This was disclosed by Mats Persson, a No 10 adviser and former boss of Open Europe in a briefing to senior Conservatives last month.

The leaflet – which will be funded by British taxpayers – will explain “the benefits of the changes to Britain, and why therefore we need to stay in the EU.” Whether we like to admit it or not, British voters are the least informed of the electorate of all EU Member States when it comes to the subject of the EU, therefore it is imperative both arguments are made in a fair and transparent way.

Cameron must be stopped. This is like the state-funded propaganda we usually see coming from undemocratic, authoritarian regimes.

This news comes at a time when David Cameron is supposed to be at the table renegotiating powers back to Westminster, yet it seems he and his ‘spin’ team have already decided what the outcome is going to be – the government will advocate the status quo, no matter how badly the talks go!

We cannot let Cameron unfairly influence the result of the referendum with our own money. Therefore Get Britain Out – the cross party grassroots Eurosceptic campaign – has launched a petition to “STOP CAMERON spending British taxpayers’ money on Pro-EU Referendum leaflets.”

The Government should be making sure the public are made aware of both sides of the argument, so everyone can make a balanced and free choice. This should be done in a fair, transparent and responsible way. It’s no wonder the public do not trust politicians!

Our petition currently stands at 17,500 signatures, and we are aiming for a million to make sure the Government stops this sculduggery! Admittedly, we expect it to be cleverly shrugged off with more of the same Cameron-esque spin, but the more signatures we can achieve the bigger we can kick the government and their plans!

Looking back at the ill-fated 1975 referendum on Britain’s membership of the Common Market, it seems as if history is repeating itself. As the story goes, a typical household received a leaflet from both the No and Yes campaigns, with a third being sent officially from Heath’s government recommending Britain Remained in the Common Market. The public voted 2:1 to stay in the Common Market – and it looks as if Cameron wishes to fix the results in exactly the same way 40 years later!!

Do not let history repeat itself, and have 40 years of work go to waste because of biased EU propaganda. Upon receiving 100,000 the petition “will be considered for debate in Parliament” – a million signatures might ensure this. Don’t just get mad – it’s time to get even!

These are the final hurdles we must battle against if we are to Get Britain Out.

Please sign our online petition at

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