You just have to love our MSM! The way they copy from each other is simply adorable. And one truly has to admire their efforts at indefatigably digging up ‘news’. So – to the “case study” of another perfect example of how our MSM ‘play’:

To begin: on Sunday (15th October) we have an interview on SKY TV with Henry Bolton. The interviewer asked him about his “interview with Russia Today” (RT? Really? Omigawd!) where

“he (HB) said he could strangle a badger with his bare hands: is that correct?”.

Oooh – gruesome! Bolton the badger strangler! Where’s the Animals Rights Front?

Next we observe how the whole of the British Press is homing in on this, every paper from the good old Times down to the Mirror.

Here’s The Times:
“Ukip’s new leader yesterday suggested that he could chase down a badger and break its neck with his bare hands. Henry Bolton, 54, a former army officer who was last month elected the party’s fourth leader in less than two years, made the extraordinary claim on Sky News. Asked about remarks that he had made to the Kremlin-backed channel RT, Mr Bolton said: “They gave me a few options as ideas for an initiation ceremony into the leadership of Ukip. The one that was probably most suitable for me was chasing a badger across Dartmoor, capturing it and breaking its neck with one’s bare hands.”

Note how The Times draws an elegant inference between badger-strangling and the Kremlin – you’re supposed to think that only Kremlin lackeys strangle badgers with their bare hands, therefore Henry must be beholden to Putin – without being factually wrong. Good work!

That Times report then morphed into this headline in The Mirror:

“UKIP leader Henry Bolton says he could kill a badger with his ‘bare hands”

Now that’s guaranteed to make you spit out your Weetabix! Bare-hand-strangling first thing in the morning? How revolting! Note how the headline (most people only read the headlines) insinuates that the new leader of UKIP is chasing badgers (for food, surely? Not?) so he can strangle them with his bare hands. ‘Bare hands’ – that’s important because one couldn’t possibly imagine our two leading politicians strangle anything, certainly not with their bare hands … see how that is meant to work?

Just google “SKY interview with Henry Bolton” for a comprehensive list of our dear MSM, from the Evening Standard to the Daily Star, all going with ‘Bolton strangles badgers’. The story even got into ‘order-order’, the site which certain Kippers loved to leak stuff to.

So here we have a truly heady mix, irresistible to our dear friends in the establishment media:

“strangling badgers with bare hands” – “new UKIP leader about whom nothing is known” (we really can’t expect those dears to actually look at Henry’s website, never mind lowering their pristine standards to check out the many UKIP hustings reports on this here UKIP Daily, now can we!) – “Russia Today” (they do eat strangled badgers in Russia, don’t they?) – “The Kremlin” (shudder! That’s Putin!) – all leading the collective metro-elite barely suppressing their collective shouts of ‘omigawd’.

So I took the liberty to actually find that ominous “RT interview”. After all, Henry might even have said something about Putin which the dears daren’t report, what with bare-hand-strangling a possibility …

And what did I find?

Oh dear.

Oh dearie me.

Interview? My foot!

It was a satirical show, produced in London for RT. Not one Russian in sight. Fun is being made e.g. of Madame May. It’s irreverent. It’s British. Some of it is even funny. And Henry was invited as ‘special guest’. You can watch the whole thing here, Henry is on at about 0.23.00. Some interview!

And what else did I discover?

It was broadcast on Oct 9th! That’s Monday last week!

It took our combined establishment MSM ‘newshounds’ practically one whole week to find this item and get their knickers in a twist about it. That’s how extremely important this ‘news item’ was.

But now it’s ‘out there’. The Times has written about it, SKY has asked Henry about it, so it’s true: he would go out, chase and strangle a badger, he would even eat it in preference to drinking cold Bovril – oh the humanity!

It seems our collective MSM have been infected by the “no humour, we’re the EU”-virus. They seem to be incapable to ‘get’ British satire any more.

Here comes the MSM ‘science’:

If it’s in the Times, it’s true. We can simply copy what they wrote and no-one needs to check the origin of the story. We also have permission to go all po-faced and serious about an item in a satirical programme which we have of course not watched because —> RT! Russia!! Putin!!! This ‘news story’ helps us in our search for something, anything, to hang around the neck of that new UKIP leader whom we don’t know. And it’s all true! The Times said so!

Someone surely must have thought this would be the ‘gay donkey’ moment for Henry, and remembered the fun they had with that.

Well, sorry, you metropolitan chaps and chapesses: it’s not working. All you’ve done is showing yourselves up yet again as a group with a severe humour bypass, as lazybones who’d rather copy from each other once the good old Times has given the start signal, and as JINOs (journalists in name only) who don’t do their own research.

All I’ll say is that you better let the ‘Bolton strangles badgers’ meme quickly sink into the great memory hole. Repeating it will make you look ridiculous and it will make those who repeat it with  ‘shock-horror’ simply look foolish.

Well played, you lot! I enjoyed that!

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