We’ve had a report from John Bickley on his iPhone, and here it is:

We had great Action Day in Heywood and Middleton on Saturday, about 80 supporters turning up. The main push was leafletting and canvassing for the postal vote. The doorstep response is very positive and much better than Wythenshawe & Sale East, where I stood in February. Of course, Labour have a strong historic hold on the seat, so working the postal vote is key and voter turnout is critical.

The child grooming and abuse scandal is a big issue. Many voters have said that ‘everyone’ knew it was going on but the Labour Council and institutions ignored it as they didn’t want to upset the ‘Labour voting’ immigrant community.

Open door immigration concerns most people, as does a sense of being a second class citizen for accessing local services like school places, social housing and health.

Labour are playing the NHS card and telling blatant lies about UKIP’s policy.

(Editor: Hopefully there will be a Health Policy release during our forthcoming Conference that will assauge any fears there)

We’re going to make a breakthrough in a Labour seat at some point. The potential is there in Heywood and Middleton. However, we need foot soldiers to do the heavy lifting if we’re to be the first.

If anyone wants to go and help, the campaign office is located at 27 Market Place, Heywood, Lancashire, OL10 1LA. It is open every day from 9am till late.

Also, here’s a link to a report from the Manchester Evening News, which also has a video of a Nigel Farage interview.


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