Was it too much ‘Christmas Cheer’ which made Hezza do it? Or did he say these things before, only our MSM picked them up now, at a time of extremely ‘slow news’ over the Christmas Holidays? Or could he simply not resist to be in the limelight again, drumming support for his remoaner friends who want to make Brexit go away as if it never happened?

So here’s how it happened: Lord Heseltine, the arch remainer who knifed Maggie Thatcher in the back when she was revising her policies towards the EU, gave an interview on the podcast of a LibDem Think Tank, as first reported in The Guardian on Boxing Day. In the interview he said that a Labour government would cause short-term economic damage, but that damage would be less that that caused by Brexit. He further suggested that Labour would pick up the groundswell of voters who regret leaving, and would either keep us in or set up a second referendum.

One might think these are the fond pipe dreams of the top Remoaner in this country, induced by too much rich food and drink – but we all know that Labour is more and more switching to the remain camp, and never mind that their core voters have voted to Leave.

So on the following day, we read in the MSM (e.g. here) and on Breitbart that the Conservative Think Tank, The Bow Group, is calling for Hezza’s ejection from the Tory Party. Here is what the current director of The Bow Group, Mr Harris-Quinney, said to Breitbart:

“In examining Michael Heseltine’s c.v., one finds a man who was once a self-confessed confidence trickster who sold margarine as butter and somehow due to the lack of spine and mettle in Britain managed to worm his way into being a shill for a foreign government within our government, bringing down the greatest peacetime Prime Minister in history. Now, in his senility, he is attempting to subvert the British people directly in trying to stop Brexit. It’s time someone stood up to this absolute dog and pulled the choke chain. I was proud to expel him from the Bow Group and if this Government has any backbone they will follow suit”.

This demand is supported by none other than Lord Tebbit who, according to this report in the DT yesterday,  demanded that Ms May withdraw the whip from Heseltine, saying that he should be banned from the Tory benches in the HoL and questioning his loyalty to our country.

Interestingly, neither John Redwood in his ‘Diary’, nor the site for Tory activists, ‘Conservative Home’, saw fit to mention this affair. It seems the remoaners in the Tory party are quite happy with this Hezza statement while the brexiteers seem to wait for some verdict or edict from Ms May before they open their mouths.

In his column today, the DM’s columnist Stephen Glover doesn’t mince words when he calls Hezza a bigot, observing:

“It’s curious how Tories such as Heseltine, Clarke and Chris Patten — who take pride in their sophistication and pragmatism while mocking Tory Eurosceptics as ‘head bangers’ and ‘swivel-eyed loons’ — have themselves become blinkered ideologues.”


“So fanatical are these people (we should add the infamous names of Tony Blair and former EU Commissioner Peter Mandelson) that they turn a deaf ear to their own democratic principles in refusing to accept the outcome of the referendum, […] Like most ideologues, they have become divorced from reality. It seems not to occur to them that if the result were finagled, and the votes of 17.4 million people disregarded, there would in all likelihood be a split deeper and more damaging than anything we have so far seen. It is the lack of realism that is so shocking, the unwillingness in normally practical politicians to accept that the majority of the country, having listened to the arguments, does not accept their preconceptions about the European Union.”

I’ve gone to this length describing what occurred because it shows in icy clarity what we in UKIP are up against:

  • the unholy alliance of powerful Tory (and Labour) traitors,
  • the complicity of (most) of the MSM,
  • the groundswell of remoaners who will do their utmost to destroy Brexit,
  • the lacklustre attitude of lukewarm Brexiteers who seem to regard this as ‘business as usual’, and that ‘it’s the holidays, dontcha know, so who cares what a fossil says’.

Astonishingly, there are even some Kippers who, behind closed doors, think like some Brexiteer Tories that perhaps a Corbyn Government would be just the thing to get rid of May and get a proper Brexiteer as new Leader of the Tory Party to promote Brexit.

What they all overlook is that our masters in Brussels won’t wait for five years until Corbymania has run its course. They will have created facts and conditions which will tie us to the EU forever – with the agreement of a Corbyn Government, under the jubilation of the Cleggs and Hezzas and Clarkes. We must not forget that, since June 23rd, the aim of the EU is to punish us for daring to vote to Leave. They are playing dirty, as the past negotiations have shown already. Having manipulative Labour in 10 Downing Street is just what they want.

So, to quote from an article published here today:

“Where is UKIP?”

Where indeed!


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