No, this is not another rehash of last night’s debate, nor of the huge gap between the perception of it in the establishment media and the general public where allowed to comment.

It isn’t even about the blatant bias of the audience, which was indeed ‘carefully selected’, as Mr Dimbleby was quick to point out to Nigel Farage: selected carefully to give 20% of supporting audience members to each of the participants, all left wing except Nigel Farage. Btw – I had no idea there were so many Welsh voters in London …

What I’d like to draw your attention to are two subliminal messages sent to the audience in the country. I do not believe for a minute that the BBC was not aware of what they were doing. I do believe however that Cameron, who signed off on this weird choice of debates, didn’t have a clue.

Take the choice of Party leaders, for a start. If it was about giving regional parties with MPs in Parliament a platform, then where were those from Northern Ireland? Here’s my answer, which of course is entirely personal: the leaders of the NI parties are, ahem, male …

Thus we have our first subliminal message: it’s about ‘woman power’! It was noticeable that they hardly disagreed with each other as vehemently as they disagreed with Ed Miliband, never mind Nigel Farage whom they treated like someone who should be sitting on the naughty step.

But there was worse!

I’ll not point out the woolly, financially ‘magical’ and rather irrational thinking of those ladies, which was there for all to see.

I will point out however that these women politicians literally threw themselves at Ed Miliband, offering their undying support to get rid of the Tories.

The message, clearly hoped for by the BBC, is that even (politically) ‘good men’ can achieve nothing without wimmin’s power.

The photo taken at the end of the debate could not make this more obvious. Also note that the message here is that Nigel Farage is now irrelevant, washed away by these three ‘ladies’.

Sadly, the conclusion to be drawn from their performance is that they have done a huge disservice to women in politics by behaving as they did: unprofessional and emotional.


The other subliminal message the BBC was trying to convey, with that ‘carefully selected’ audience and the BBC debating participant, ahem, moderator Mr Dimbleby, was to repeat the ever so successful Question Time show when they had condescended to invite Nick Griffin, BNP. Then, it was the ganging up on one participant, lauded across the country, and aimed to show how unacceptable the BNP was.

Yes, it is an unacceptable Party, but of course the audience at home was not allowed to make up their own minds about that, no, the whole QT was arranged to show the audience at home that all good people simply have to loathe the BNP, just as the audience and participants did.

Last night’s debate was aimed by the BBC to give a repeat performance, to ‘teach’ us stupid people out here, away from the ever so clever London audience, that UKIP and Nigel Farage are simply ‘unacceptable’ in good, metro-elite society, just like the BNP is, and that thus, by subliminal inference, UKIP’s policies are like those of the BNP.

Mr Dimbleby had to work hard to create that subliminal message, by turning into an actual debate participator at times. Sadly, this time round it backfired spectacularly because not only did Nigel Farage not take the bait, his closing statement which could not be suppressed or shouted over showed clearly that he was the only adult present.

Two closing observations:

Nicola Sturgeon’s performance has shown all English people that indeed the Scottish tail will wag the English dog – and Ms Sturgeon, the Scottish nationalist, isn’t even standing as PPC. But this was gold for the BBC, because on the one hand it diminished Ed Miliband while on the other her policies promoted all the ‘progressive’ ones Labour and the BBC wish for.

Leanne Wood of the Welsh Valleys (her own words) was easily the most vituperative against Nigel Farage. The reason for that is simple: her party, Plaid Cymru, is having a huge fight on their hands against UKIP Wales, who came second in the EU elections. That lady is fighting for her own personal survival, thus her vitriolic performance.

During the debate Nigel Farage said that the real audience sat at home. Indeed, so we did, and I think that last night’s performance by the BBC and the other four participants will add yet more vital votes to UKIP on May 7th.

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