Imagine you are the Government. You have been for seven years, even given a change of leader and a disastrous referendum whereby you attempted to swat away an annoying little man called Farage who was just simply beating you. You are enjoying a clear percentage point lead over the official opposition by, as some would have it, as much as twenty five percentage points.

Brexit is looming, and after a suspiciously long time prevaricating with what would seem no good reason, you write and send the letter enacting Article 50, the official notice to withdraw from the EU. This is a very popular move and finally signals that you are a strong and stable government. You are flying, yet you only have a slim majority in Parliament and thus all your senior support, ministers and advisors beg you to go to the country, what can possibly go wrong?

Everything it would seem, when, given that your policy ideas in your manifesto are a clear steer to transferring your power to a Marxist, very left wing, yet also very unpopular opposition. An opposition led by a man who does not have the belief and support from his own parliamentary party. Corbyn was struggling to make any headway within the country and his own party. The new membership worship him, the growth in membership, which was made easier in that all it cost was three quid, was unprecedented. But it was only that membership that supported him, the majority of people in the country were luke warm at best.

The core support for the Tories are the older end of the electorate, people from the countryside and more affluent areas of the country. So why on earth did they promulgate policies attacking their very core voter base? Why means test the heating allowance, remove the triple lock on pensions and push forward the very unpopular repeal of the ban on fox hunting as your main policies. Why propose an elderly care policy that would, outwardly it seemed, potentially cost your core voters hundreds of thousands of pounds. Even the most politically naive could surely see that these policies were deeply unpopular and virtually guaranteed to lose you a great many votes.

Could it have been a case of sheer arrogance on behalf of the Conservatives, who were riding so high in the polls it would allow them the utter and complete belief that they could get away with anything and so they simply tried to do so? Could they be that arrogant and naïve? Or on the other hand, was it that they had lost the motivation, the will and the wherefore, the lack of belief in delivering Brexit that they had mistakenly allowed the great unwashed to vote for.

Playing the long game, if Brexit goes wrong the blame for that will last a lifetime, the fallout will be incalculable for the political party that failed to deliver. So, why not hand over power to a power hungry group of Marxists who were most certainly confused about Brexit and internally at odds over it and therefore set to fail with the delivery of a true Brexit.
The best way to ensure this transfer would be to never ever mention their extraordinary record on the economy and record high employment, stay very clear of any subject that would confirm your amazing rescue of the economy, after the previous Labour government ruined it. Don’t even whisper low inflation and a real terms rise in wages. Oh no, don’t remind the great unwashed that you have reduced the deficit by a half.

The last General election was either the biggest mistake ever made by a political party in history or the biggest failed gamble by a political party in history. Either way it has left this country election fatigued, deeply divided and unsure of its future. A Marxist far left revolutionary who has always been anti-establishment is now regarded within large areas of the country as the second coming, the political messiah.

If this was an attempt to hand over power at a time of great uncertainty, based on the belief that once again further down the line the Conservatives could sweep in and rescue the country from what would have been a terminal blow to the Labour Party it has backfired enormously. The fallout from this debacle including the buying of support from the DUP will resonate for a generation.

Never before in my lifetime has a straight forward talking, common sense political party had a better chance to take the centre ground within the theatre of politics in this country. Ukip will never ever have a better chance to re-take its rightful place in that theatre. We need a leader and a management that will take this ground and make it ours forever. Never before in our chequered history is the need to elect the right leader more important. This though very definitely, is the last roll of the dice.


Photo by daveoratox

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