You have probably identified the deliberate mistake: Hitler was not a “Conservative”. He was a National Socialist the same as Alex Salmond but a bit more extreme. Hitler’s aims though were to unify and to rule Europe. The creation of the current EU has (albeit peacefully) brought about elements of his requirements.  The conservatives have a long history of fostering ever closer EU political union. Here are just some of them.

Lord Halifax, Britain’s Foreign Secretary (1940) had tried to negotiate with Hitler and his regime. His methods of appeasement were often conducted behind the backs of Chamberlain and then later the coalition government led by Churchill. If Halifax, a powerful and influential conservative, had gained power and delivered his policies then Britain would have been either part of or controlled by Hitler’s European empire. The fact that Halifax failed was fortuitous but it demonstrates the lack of judgement of such a senior conservative politician and a Foreign secretary to boot.

On the scale of “rogues” Halifax is insignificant to the biggest rogue of all: Ted Heath.  This is the man who is responsible for steering Britain in entirely the wrong direction. He cannot be forgiven this error because he deliberately deceived the British people over the requirement for ever closer political union. The consequences of his deceit are now served up to us on a daily basis. The unaccountable EU now touches just about every aspect of our lives. Heath’s motives may be well known but yet again he demonstrates how conservative judgement cannot be trusted. The biggest criticism is that alternative directions for a post Empire Britain were not given further consideration or consultation with the British people. As a country we could have developed better links with our Commonwealth and other English speaking countries. As we know Heath, got his due when the British people sent him packing (Miners’ strike). Unfortunately, this did not resolve his bitter EU legacy.

Next on the list is the sheep savager, Geoffrey Howe. Thatcher was at least highly sceptical about the EU and wanted to draw a line on the erosion of sovereignty and its costs. Her “No, No No” speech as a result of the Rome European Summit (30 Oct 1990) was too much for the pro Europeans and resulted in Howe’s resignation speech. Howe’s speech was the pivotal point that brought about Thatcher’s downfall. It was a stab in the back worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy.  The end of Thatcher meant that the pro EU conservatives now held the ring.  The new “wet” administration under Major signed away more UK sovereignty (Maastricht) and through their behaviour cleared the way for a resurgent Labour party. The country was then to endure 13 wasted years of Labour administration that introduced devolution and helped engineer the financial crash. Howe’s act of petty self interest and rebellion was rewarded with ennoblement. Howe is the most dangerous rogue because his silent act of treachery undermines the idea of trust and loyalty.

Into the political chaos and vacuum created by Thatcher’s downfall is Heseltine. Heseltine’s earlier pro EU stance on Westland helicopters brought him into direct conflict with Thatcher (Interestingly Westland is now owned by Agusta helicopters of Italy – so Heseltine got his way)  His juvenile  attempt to grab power was driven by his vanity and desire to cement his pro-EU, pro-Heath policies. He is a rogue because as a “democratic” politician he uses undemocratic language and methods and is motivated by revenge. He is the most pathetic rogue.

It is well known that politicians’ motivations can lead to particular outcomes and attributes. Let’s face it, the bear pit of politics brings out the worst and sometimes the best in people. However, the conservative party claims to stand up for Britain and even uses its symbols (union flag) to promote this idea.  The evidence provided by these rogues demonstrates the contrary. The constant theme is that they and their party have encouraged further EU integration whilst pretending otherwise. They cannot be trusted. The infamy of these rogues should be celebrated in a special gallery as a warning to us all. Never vote conservative again!

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