I did not join UKIP because someone put a leaflet through my door.  Indeed, no party of any colour has ever pushed a leaflet through my door.

I joined because  people on a financial markets blog based in the USA, started telling me about an extraordinary man speaking in Strasbourg.  Around 2010, they started to send me video links. That man was, of course, Nigel.

So I joined UKIP sometime in 2014 having never voted in my entire life.  I was a member for a year but no one from the local branch ever contacted me, even though the chair lived just three miles away.  I went to the polling station to vote for the very first time in my life in 2015 and early that morning, proudly ticked UKIP in the boxes, before jumping on a plane to organise earthquake relief in Nepal.

Still no one contacted me and I had no idea that local branches even existed.  I forgot about UKIP but carried on watching Nigel and rushed down to vote ‘out’ in the referendum.  Voting out was so important to me, that I remember it like a photograph; that ballot paper, the light, the place, the time of day.

I stayed up all that night and watched with amazement and great joy as those first results came in from Sunderland and Newcastle and I knew we had won.

The day after Brexit, the dreadful, spoilt whining of the remainers,  made me decide that I could no longer sit around, while my country disintegrated.  I contacted Stuart Agnew by email, and he personally came to my house to persuade me to rejoin UKIP, rather than join the Conservative party.  I owe Stuart a lot and Stuart is one of the truly great people in the party. He has worked tirelessly on the ground in Norfolk and the East of England, giving money and time and doing such extraordinary things as spotting people with money or talent, who can help the party.

Russell Hicks, who wrote a much needed  UKIP weekly newsletter last week, said, ‘Elections are won years in advance.’  and he is right. I voted UKIP in 2015 from seeing Nigel on a film in 2010, sent to me by somebody in America.

We did not close down, despite dreadful advice given over the Jane Collins  affair, nor the precarious financial position that some senior officials put us in, nor the appalling tenure of Henry Bolton.  Gerard came along and saved the party. I, and many others are eternally grateful to him, for stepping up and doing this.

That is just the beginning.  We are now just above rock bottom. The rock bottom was when we were beaten by the women’s equality party in the  Lewisham East By Election, despite having had a large social media campaign that I organised and funded and which reached 56,000 people and had 96,000 views.

That rock bottom was just before the joining of all the internet guys two weeks ago.  You can read about them here.

Within a week, 1000 new members had joined, with an entirely new demographic from the existing membership.  Instead of pushing on seventy, the new members are, on average, an entire generation younger.

Now although we got almost no votes in Lewisham East, we did get something out of all that social media expense and internet activity.  A chair from West London spent all night editing a video about the appalling intimidation at the Lewisham East Hustings and produced a brilliant 6 minute film.  Paid social media then pushed out this video with paid advertising reached over 15,000 people who viewed that video. We know the exact numbers as they had to click to view.

You can see an article that I wrote about these awful events here. (The video is embedded in the article and is worth a watch if you have not already seen it.  Rebel media has a following of over 150,000 people in the UK and a number of million worldwide. It is based in Canada.

Paul Joseph Watson with 1.2m followers on facebook, was one of the people who saw that video and he and a few others, also recognised the faces of some of the people, swearing and obstructing that hustings. That same group of people had just shut down an event they were attending, the exact same people in a completely different location.

I am told that they said, ‘What would really upset these so called ‘social justice warriors’?’ Let’s join UKIP!

Gerard has to be strong and decisive.  He must capitalise on this chance. There is everything to play for and nothing to lose.

Einstein said, paraphrased, doing the same old thing and expecting a different result is madness.

We are still doing the same old thing. We are not appointing people who are 35 like Salvini but people who are 70.   We still think having little speeches to 50 people in village halls, is going to change the world. It will not. We also think that paying someone will solve the problem. It will not.  There are already able people in the party who could be transformational, if used properly.

Just a couple of examples of our failings:

In the last 2 weeks , we have had the major events taking place but  as of yesterday, our national website is not even updated. Nothing about the march, nothing about the anniversary, nothing about Paul Joseph Watson and Milo joining.

As a political party , we only sell one product, communications. The pitiful state of the website and the links below, really say it all:

Quarter of a million views in a couple of weeks

MBGA 63 K views in about a week

Or head of UKIP comms 2 views in 3 years (3 now since I watched it 5 minutes ago at the time of writing this article).

We need a fully coordinated policy, led, not by a paid, outside hand, but by some who understand campaigning, newspapers, articles, leaflets and leaflet design, social media and videos. That person must use both old and new media and must tap all that expertise that exists already within UKIP. That person needs to be able to work full time for no money.  That person needs to be dynamic and a successful entrepreneur. That person exists within UKIP and is Russell Hicks.


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