I grew up on a council house estate in Bradford. Everyone knew everyone, we looked out for each other, yes there were fallouts and people did not always get along but, where you lived was where you were from and that counted for something. If anything happened within the community, which could often just be the road, close or avenue you lived on, your neighbor`s would rally around and help.

How disparate have we become now? Often now you never see your neighbor`s and you would not, unless you find out on social media, know what, if anything was happening to them or their families. Leading on from this, having lost that community spirit, having become insular and self- absorbed we have sadly also become on some levels immoral.

We are immoral in the sense that we have become desensitised to issues that actually do affect those once close-knit communities of yore, but not us directly.

The most relevant and enormously troubling thing is that of child grooming on an industrial scale by large hunter packs of mainly Pakistani men. Yes, before the snowflakes start their bleating there is a large number of white peadophiles operating but statistically, they tend to be lone operators and they target single individuals.

This grooming is enormous, it is widely reported that between three to five million individual rapes, acts of buggery and child trafficking have and continue to take place. Because of the very real possibility of being branded racist, social workers, teachers and other people involved in safeguarding are still loath to address the issue, they also feel very impotent to do so.

This number is staggering yet the government of the day and the opposition have done very little if anything to address or halt this. It is widely reported that these individuals have moved from the back of curry and kebab shops to blatantly threatening and cajoling young white girls, vulnerable or not outside school gates. This is a daily occurrence …  and do not be fooled into thinking that this is scaremongering and tittle-tattle. It is happening.

We have become immoral as a society for the very reason that we have done very little if anything to cut out this cancer from our society.  We almost, it could be said turn a blind eye to it happening. One thing is for sure, we have become desensitised to this. Large groups of men, identified, arrested and committed to court draw very little press interest. When sentenced, the sentences, often too small to make any impact in terms of deterrent, barely make page two of local and national press.

The much-lorded national inquiry into child sexual abuse has ten inquiries running. None of these is looking into the sexual abuse on this scale by Pakistani grooming gangs. This inquiry has gone very quiet of late and has disappeared from the radar. It is being held at 18, Pocock Street London SE1 0BW. Are they sitting daily? Are there any interim reports on findings? And more importantly what is the timescale for completion and findings being published? I cannot find anything of substance.

On the 13th October, there is a march in London by the Football lads Alliance, a group of people who regularly meet, march and demonstrate against CSE. They are not as often labelled far right, they are, if anyone cares to take a proper look, normal everyday men and women who simply have had enough. They do not see themselves as immoral anymore and have only one outlet for their shock, horror, and disgust: and that is to demonstrate.

As with most large gatherings, there is without a doubt the element that are attending for one reason only and that is trouble, be it through drink or not their sole intention is a punch-up, usually with the police. There is very little the organisers can do to counter this when numbers of attendees are in the thousands. The best of planning, the best of intentions cannot legislate for a small group of idiots bent on causing trouble.

One thing that is stark is the total blanket blind eye given by the news media outlets. The complete dumbing down of the importance of these marches and numbers in attendance tells anyone the thought process here. It is to their eternal shame that they take this attitude to what is, after all, disparate communities coming together collectively to tell those that should listen that they have had enough.

What is particularly disturbing with this current march is that the Trade Union Unite are actually planning and organising a counter-demonstration. Let’s think about that. Unite, the trade union, funded and founded by working class people are going to have a counter-demonstration against working class people who are marching at their disgust and abhorrence of thousands of young white working-class girls being raped, buggered, abused and trafficked for money.

A regional Secretary, Karen Reay, has sent out a letter to members revealing measures to “mobilise” and branding the group as “far right”.

If you have read this and are questioning your own morality, then good. If you are reading this and wondering what you can do, please get in touch and I will happily steer you towards direct easy action that will help.

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