As mass immigration into Britain continues at a rate of knots (UK NET migration at +230,000 people for the year ending in June 2017), the effects on the housing shortage are all around us, with expensive new builds springing up across Southern England.  Yet recent political events highlighted another effect of the ongoing population replacement that receives less attention: that changing demographics and their ‘progressive enablers’, threaten the UK-US Special Relationship. The recent visit by President Trump, sparked a left wing street carnival, with usual banners, some sinister effigies, mocking placards and street masks, obligingly covered by the mainstream media.

These two groups of people, directly impact the two great threats facing Europe, recently flagged by political commentator Melanie Phillips ie. mass migration and national identity. And with no sign of the brakes being applied, will English counties have to take more power away from Westminster, to protect people in England and keep our international friendships?

Historical Gratitude & Migration

Within the Anglosphere, there used to exist an understanding, that without the sacrifices by American servicemen in WW1 and WW2, we would not be here, that the UK would have faced invasion and destruction, and many of us with it. In short, a debt of gratitude. Yet the many new arrivals may not have family connections with the US, or have grandfathers that served alongside them in the World Wars. New people bring with them their own set of loyalties and prejudices – which could include globalism, insular in-group preferences, left-wing ideologies, identity politics, some of which showed in their placards and flags. Whereas those who gathered in support of Donald Trump at Whitehall showed a sea of American, England and British flags, in a direct contrast.

Progressive Remainers

Closely allied to recent and second generation arrivals who have a questionable resonance in empathy for their adopted country, are their enablers, who appeared in greater number – The ‘too posh to Brexit’ chattering classes and the metro snobby ‘progressives’, who blindly welcome mass immigration, and a cheap, grateful supply of labour to make their lattes and clean their houses. They oppose Brexit, having already embraced a new EU Citizenship identity. Their interest in politics is limited to self interest, easy targets, and blue flag waving. Most of them did not show up in any large number for the visits of Turkish and Saudi Arabian representatives, to challenge human rights abuses, but instead opted for an easy target and a party, with no blow back.

Damage Limitation

If these two forces continue on their present trajectory, encouraged by a compliant Westminster, our old ties to staunch allies and friends face being further undermined. Under New Labour, Migration Watch estimated that that 3.6 million (NET) entered the country between 1997 and 2010. This reckless policy continued under the Conservatives, begging the question, if the metro areas of the country no longer identify with England, would it be better if the remaining parts grouped together to exist, re-identified as a collection of English shire counties tied together within an English Parliament under a federal UK umbrella?

Democratic Reform

If good relationships depend on clear lines of communication, then we need a new voice. An English Parliament and a First Minister, with PR, would be a step forward. But many still want the status quo and no reform. Think back to the EU Referendum in 2016 and the proposed removal of a tier of government.  The majority of Westminster politicians desired no change, 73% of them are estimated to have voted Remain. And on democratic devolution for England, the subject is almost a taboo among the metro elite, who seem to equate the subject with England football hooliganism. Speaking recently in Wiltshire, Eddie Bone for the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) said: “Our country as a nation is being suppressed…You have a choice. You can keep quiet about that suppression, or you can support a parliament that truly represents the people of England.”

So either we sit back and watch mass immigration and the liberal elite change this country beyond recognition, and our friendships and security threatened in the process, or we gain real representation and equal democracy in all parts of the UK. At present, no Proportional Representation exists and no Parliament sits for English matters – so let’s fix it. If we make a statement of identity, we gain a voice, and at the same time, become empowered to help protect kith and kin across the Anglosphere and beyond by responsibly influencing government from within, into managing our borders, protecting our interests and maintaining friendly and respectful diplomatic relations.


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