It is said that if you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water, it’ll jump out of the pot. However, if you put the frog into a pot of cold water and heat it gradually, it’ll adjust to the slowly rising temperature and won’t realise what’s happening until it’s too late. There’s an interesting video here that explains this, but no frogs were harmed in the making of this video.

This slow boiling technique is something our globalist politicians know only too well. They’ve been doing it to us for centuries. Let’s look at a case study, let’s look at Aotearoa. A common interpretation of this name is: ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud.” In particular, let’s look at what happened to the Maoris.

As we all know, James Cook turned up at Aotearoa in October 1769 and colonisation by the British commenced, leading to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi with the Maoris in 1840. This treaty brought Aotearoa into the British Empire, giving Maoris equal rights with British citizens.

Today, Maoris are greatly outnumbered in their own country, although they are represented in Parliament, even having their own electoral role. Maoris fight for their identity and have managed to reclaim some of the land lost one way or another to the British, but it’s a constant struggle.

In recent years Aotearoa has had a succession of globalist governments, keen to sign trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific-Partnership-Agreement (TPPA), selling of national assets and encouraging mass immigration: all against the wishes of the Maoris. The Maoris are becoming increasingly disenfranchised, their country is being asset stripped and they feel as if they’re losing their country for a second time.

This disenfranchisement of the Maori population has taken over a 150 years, it’s happened slowly, like boiling a frog. This has happened to many indigenous people all around the world.

Another example is the European Union, Britain signed an agreement to join a Common Market back in the 1970s and we’ve watched it morph slowly and incrementally, by lies, deceit and subterfuge, into a near European superstate. Again, the boiling frog technique at work.

This boiling-frog-technique should be starting to ring a few bells now, let’s look at our situation in Britain. It’s now our turn to be colonised, but using the totally hostile and incompatible Islamic hordes against us. The globalists and I have an idea that they’re ultimately the same group of people that have been pulling the strings for centuries and are using the boiling-frog-technique again. They have form and it’s about time we woke up to the reality.

Can you imagine what our grandparents or even our parents would have said, if we’d told them not so many years ago, that one day we’d have a Muslim Mayor who would tell us that the slaughter of our families, including women and children, was something we should accept as normal? They just wouldn’t have believed us. Boiling frogs?

We’re being asked to accept as normal that thousands of young, white British women and girls are being gang raped by Muslim grooming gangs. (Short documentary here.) Our grandparents would never have believed it: boiling frogs!

Demographic projections suggest that we will be outnumbered by Muslims in our own country in the not too distant future. Estimates vary, but given the hordes still entering the country each year and their rapid rate of reproduction, some estimates suggest this could happen within twenty years. Given the problems we’re having with Muslims now, that just doesn’t bear thinking about. It must not happen.

Political Correctness is a curse of totalitarian propaganda, particularly the idea of multiculturalism. This video by Paul Joseph Watson is a must-watch, it discusses the Stockholm Syndrome that infects the minds of the people that espouse Political Correctness.

Cultures around the world have developed over perhaps thousands of years. It is ridiculous to think that they’ll be abandoned within one human lifetime: multiculturalism is a lie. Islam particularly is more aggressive and intolerant than most cultures, they will not integrate, they will aim to dominate. Muslims don’t even bother to hide this fact, there’s an interesting video here and many more available if you look.

Today our frog is getting rather hot. We’re left with the evil legacy of Blair and his globalist ambitions. We have a globalist Prime-Minister that seems to regard Brexit as a damage limitation excercise, she’s intent on stalling and backsliding and obviously has no intention of controlling immigration in any meaningful way.

Theresa May, along with just about all other mainstream politicians, is very good at making promises, she’ll tell you anything to get a vote. Brexit-means-Brexit is another of her lies, it’s becoming more apparent by the day along with her promises on immigration; let’s not forget she has form as Home-Secretary. Why anybody listens to May at all I can’t imagine.

When Nigel Farage left UKIP, I knew it was in trouble. Nigel was that rarest of politicians that actually believed what he preached, he would let nobody sway him from his cause, he meant what he said and he stuck to it; rare qualities in a politician. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the current UKIP leadership, they’re trying to make some of the right noises before the election, but I have no confidence that they won’t backtrack afterwards.

I always knew that UKIP needed another leader that we could trust to do what they say they’ll do and not be swayed, somebody with real conviction that will not let us down. I had given up any hope of finding such a person, but I’ve come to realise that that person is Anne Marie Waters. Anne Marie is not going to give up on our country and I think we can trust her to stand up for us.

Anne Marie will face up to the critical issues that we must face if we are to survive and I don’t know anybody else that will. I have no intention of ever becoming a Muslim, but if we carry on as we are, that will become a requirement and I haven’t even had time to discuss the disastrous economic consequences of mass immigration. We must support Anne Marie in UKIP, I’d like to see her as leader, perhaps one day if we support her.

The situation we’re in now is a catastrophe for the British, the body count is rising and our frog is nearly cooked. For the globalists, the end game is in sight, this is our last chance to jump out of the pot.

Photo by jronaldlee

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