Some time ago I wrote an article called: ‘Spivs in Suits’. I wanted to make a point that actually our politicians of the LibLabCon were really just spiv salesmen, in expensive suits and often with Oxbridge accents.

As time has gone on, the actions of our political leaders have only served to confirm my fears. I’d like to talk today about a particularly unpleasant and high pressure sales technique used by spiv salesmen and politicians alike. Believe me, much to my regret I was taught too many of these techniques during my early years in business.

A professional sales close is really just a polite way of asking a prospective customer if, after a sales pitch, they’d like to buy the product or not. After all a salesman has time constraints and if a prospect is not going to buy, then he or she must present themselves and their product to somebody that will. Unfortunately, these closing techniques have been developed to be far more pressurised and deceptive. Politicians very often use these methods.

Theresa May is using just such a technique now to try and sell us a Brexit deal that nobody wants or needs, I’ll give you an example.

The salesman presents to his prospective customer a dazzling sales pitch and extols the virtues of his amazing product, he’ll sense when his prospect’s interest is at its peak, then he will say: ‘Unfortunately though, there is a problem, this product may not be available to you.’

The reason could be any of a number of things, in the case of Life Insurance, it may be a medical requirement, for a house of car it may be a loan acceptance or just not available in a specification to suit the customer’s requirements.

At this point the prospective customer is totally deflated, they concentrate solely on passing this barrier to what they think is their heart’s desire and when they miraculously, as they nearly always do, pass this obstacle, they are so relieved that they can’t wait to sign along the dotted line.

I’m sure that if many of you think back in time long and hard, you’ll remember a time that you’ve been caught by this particularly pernicious sales technique. Perhaps if you do, you may care not to fall for it again.

Theresa May and her remainer cohorts have tried everything in their power to sell us Chequers and a trade deal with the European Union. A trade deal that while it may benefit a very few people in our country, for the country as a whole it will be a disaster, I’ve written about this before, so to save space here you can look at my article: ‘Trade Deal Robbery’.

The propaganda for a trade deal continues, not many people now are considering whether we want or need this trade deal, they are totally focused on whether we can have a trade deal or not. As time goes on, Theresa May will continue to concede concessions, right up until the last possible minute. Just as it looks like were going to have a no-deal Brexit an amazing breakthrough, possibly an awful trade deal or second referendum, will emerge.

Theresa May will present herself as a hero, nobody will be thinking that maybe this trade deal is a bad deal, that we’ve been totally stitched up, at least not until it’s too late.

Of course the Conservative Party know that eventually people will wake up. They talk of replacing Theresa May after Brexit in the hope that they can then blame her for this awful deal. We must make it plain that we will not fall for this tactic, that we recognise our government for the charlatans and spivs in suits that they really are. If the Conservative Party ever wish to be elected again they must initiate a vote of no-confidence now and remove this dreadful, dishonest, deceitful and fraudulent prime-minister from office.

We’re continually being frightened by the thought of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister if we don’t vote conservative, but in reality, if we allow Theresa May and the Whitehall traitors to have their way with Brexit, we’ll have very little to lose.

The very last thing that the United Kingdom will be allowed is any significant control of our borders. Even an extended negotiation or transition period as Barnier now seems willing to concede will, I am certain that the EU will make sure of, significantly further change the demographic of our country. The EU’s globalist agenda will continue and we’ll be completely disenfranchised in our own country.

Brexit negotiations over the last couple of years appear to have been chaotic – don’t believe it! Like any successful sales and marketing campaign, they are highly planned and organised. These are not negotiations, they are a highly skilled and planned damage limitation exercise and we’re being taken for for fools and suckers.

We’re having our country usurped from us by stealth, dishonesty and deceit, quite deliberately and meticulously. Time is running short, but there is still a little time left, to recognise our government for the charlatans and spivs that they really are, failure to do so will mean our country is lost.

I’ve been around this world more times than I care to remember, I’ve seen life from many different angles. Believe me, the Great Britain that I remember was a fantastic place, a jewel in a wicked world. Why do you think so many people want to come and live here? If you allow it to be taken from you, you, your children and grandchildren will regret it forever.

That’s the thing about jewels: they’re beautiful, desirable and precious, but you need to keep them safe. There’s never going to be any shortage of people that would like to take them from you and they’ve tried often enough.


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