On Saturday February 6th, EU-wide PEGIDA demonstrations were planned and took place – mostly as planned, with some ‘hiccups’.

I’ll not engage in debating the rights or wrongs of PEGIDA, but I want to point out how the EU MSM, especially the German ones, have manipulated reporting these events and thus not just poisoned the debate but encouraged actual violence by left-wing groups.

From its inception in 2014 in Dresden (Germany), PEGIDA has been smeared relentlessly as a ‘Nazi’ organisation, as extreme right wing, as something no proper person could possibly support.

So for nearly two years, and well before Madame Merkel ‘invited’ Syrian refugees to come to Germany in September 2015, the equation of ‘Islamophobic = racist = neo Nazi’ has been used and drummed into the heads of unsuspecting and unquestioning readers.

We know this MSM exercise here in the UK very well indeed. It has infected our local authorities so successfully that atrocities like Rotherham, Rochester, Bristol, on and on and on, were literally allowed to happen because there’s no worse label the left can use than the accusation of being a racist.

Just to underline one more time: Islam is a religion, not a race! To reject it is not racist, else we’d have to accuse all atheists, agnostics and secularists of being racist because they are ‘Christianophobes’, and nowadays the majority of Christians are not white.

In the wake of such reporting, the usual suspects, the scare troopers of the left, the UAF and others, or the Antifa in Germany, have used the PEGIDA demos as vehicle to signal their own ‘virtue’ by violently, physically attacking the demonstrators.

Police and local authorities have allowed these left wing ‘counter-demos’ to take place at the same time and in the same locations as PEGIDA demos, in spite of knowing full well what was going to happen. Rather, these counter-demos, with the prospect of violence, were welcome because they provided a great excuse to ban and dissolve the PEGIDA demos.

The MSM have played their invaluable part by excusing such left-wing violence (“boys will be boys, and it’s against horrible Nazis”), and by focussing exclusively on these clashes. They describe events in such a way that a normal reader will get the impression that it’s the PEGIDA demonstrators who commit such violence.

This Germanic attitude has now reached all parts of the EU, so that violence is expected and Mayors are fearful of allowing PEGIDA demos at all.

Never mind that they could prevent such outbreaks by simply not permitting counter-demos: no, PEGIDA is being banned instead, as in Calais, where the police were incapable of stopping British anarchists and Jungle camp inhabitants from running riot through Calais the other weekend.

When nothing violent happens, the MSM report snidely about technical glitches. Look at this long report in the Daily Mail. The point, always, is about ‘clashes’, never about the why and wherefore of the original PEGIDA demo.

It is saying something about our ‘free’, ‘unbiased’ EU MSM when one has to go to Russia Today to find a mostly balanced report on what happened across the EU on those demos.

It is becoming quite obvious that throughout the EU, the policies of unhindered immigration – in the guise of ‘poor refugees’ – must not be criticised by ordinary citizens. Those who comment at online reports are howled down; those who demonstrate are physically attacked.

The MSM pour petrol on those flames by reporting as if all that matters are the ‘battles’ with the police and between ‘demonstrators’.

If the EU MSM, especially those in the Western EU member states, were doing their job of unbiased reporting of facts and of separating factual reporting from opinion, these deeply undemocratic scenes would not happen. But a calm debate is not what the MSM and the EU authorities really want.

Let me praise here the excellent organisation of the British PEGIDA demo in Birmingham. In spite of the usual wails from the Left, organisers and police did their utmost to prevent any violent ‘outbreaks’ by the usual (UAF etc) suspects. Here is a report.

This is how things should be in a free democracy, and never mind the MSM being deprived of reporting on ‘exciting’, bloody clashes between ‘extreme right’ and the ‘good’ left.

Thus the MSM support, wittingly or unwittingly, the aim of the international left NGOs to keep us citizens silent, preventing us from properly debating the damage done to our Western societies by uncontrolled immigration. They’d rather fuel scenes such as those described here .

Do they, do the authorities, does Government and Whitehall really want a repeat of the London Riots 2011 ?

One might harbour that suspicion – but the encouraging impression for me was that it doesn’t have to be like that.

The Birmingham PEGIDA demonstration on February 6th showed that nicely.

Photo by The National Archives UK

Photo by SkyFireXII

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