(Ed:  we thank Freddy Vachha and Mike Kennedy for contributing material.)

One of the pillars of our democracy are elections – fair elections. We all know that the ruling ‘elite’ hasn’t played fair for a long time. A look back at the elections which took place over the last 20 years shows this nicely: getting into power and remaining there is the aim, and all dirty tricks are fine as long as nobody finds out.

I’ll refrain from mentioning the officially instituted mega-dirty trick, a.k.a. Postal Voting, which has become the sure-fire vote winner for Labour in certain wards and constituencies. You might like to watch this video

However, there is another way of ‘winning’ which all Kipper candidates know about: eliminate a UKIP candidate by delving into his or her past history on social media and then splashing it across the MSM to show that UKIP is racist, islamophobic, xenophobic, on and on – you know the pack drill.

It’s happening again, and this time the local papers are complicit, abandoning their remit of fair reporting.

One target is a candidate in the Local elections whom many of you know – certainly all who’ve been to the EGM: Paula Walters. The London Regional Chairman Freddy Vachha has been writing to us about this, here are some of his observations:

“A headline in the “Wirral Globe” claimed that Paula Walters has stood down – a direct falsehood, she hasn’t and says she won’t.

I spoke to the young reporter who  insists he is not responsible and he will get the headline axed. If it hasn’t happened by tonight, I’m going to the Police and to the Electoral Commission, because to publish a wrong statement that a candidate has stood down in the immediate run-up to an election can potentially invalidate the result of the election. (Ed: The headline was axed).

He informed me his immediate boss, a Mr Thorp, “political reporter”, refused permission to actually publish Paula’s words which were the subject of the smear. One wonders why!

Could it be because the words are not at all wicked or “hate-filled” (as claimed), and instead were just common sense? Surely not.

Paula doesn’t approve of torturing animals to death (we’re in the 21st Century).

Paula doesn’t believe you can just look at a person and decide whether they have evil intentions or not – we need to do due diligence on those we admit, just like other countries (including India) do, especially when they originate from certain geographical areas controlled or influenced by terrorist organisations whose declared intentions are to seed groups of bona fide refugees with trained assassins.

Further, I was told it was the same Mr Thorp who allegedly decided not to open the article to readers’ comments… I can’t imagine why.”

It won’t come as a huge surprise that a Labour Cllr is on record saying that Paula’s comments were ‘hate-filled’ and ‘not befitting a person seeking public office …

But now a Conservative counselor has also been caught, namely the Tory Mayor of Wokingham Town (see this report in the local paper):

His conduct came to light following a complaint made by a member of the public to Cllr Andy Croy. He in turn contacted Wokingham Conservatives to call on them to launch the probe.”

You might like to read the whole thing. Mike Kennedy, who researched this event for us, points out that this resignation was splashed across the online front page of “Wokingham today’, but made it only into page 14 of the print edition where Cllr Lucey is quoted as saying:

“I resigned because my behaviour was unacceptable.   This is absolutely the right course of action. People in public life need to be unblemished.   I should not be town Mayor and I have resigned. Instantly.”

The paper then reports that Councillor Lucey has pledged to go on a social media course and he is no longer a party member. Cllr Lucey’s twitter account seems to have been deleted.

Our correspondent found further that Cll Lucey has been ‘vanished’ already from the Council website while the Conservative Party website seems to have taken down the page where one might have found his and other Tory elected representatives.

And why, you might ask, do we need to worry about a Tory?

Because, while the technique is the same – scour past social media entries and have one person ‘feeling offended’, make a claim to the media, as in the case of Paula, in the case of mr Lucey it’s worse: referring to Geert Wilders and Mark Steyn on your facebook page is now offensive and islamophobic! It’s no longer about what you’ve said six years ago – it’s what you’ve been reading. If that doesn’t at least send shivers down your spine, if that doesn’t make you angry, then what will! This is no longer about Free Speech, this is now about Free Thought being attacked.

Note well that the ‘offense’ is ‘islamophobia’. Note well that the person feeling offended approached a Labour Party member. This is the party which is still wriggling on the hook of blatant Antisemitism, i.e. Jew Hate. This is the party where the shadow Home Secretary can talk about her anti-semitic credential, on the one hand demanding not to let this become ‘politicised’ while on the other saying that Hasidic Jews are wearing ‘a costume’ – and wouldn’t she be the first to screech about disrespect and islamophobia were one of us to call the burqa a ‘costume’! This is the Party which is now so anti-British that they are ignorant of the concept of fairness.

In these last days of the Local elections, our candidates are facing these critters who are perfectly willing and capable to be ‘offended’ by a remark made six years ago or by someone who reads the publications of the Gatestone Institute. These are the critters who think being against halal slaughter is ‘hate-filled’ and ‘unbefitting’ …

It’s time to ask them in the wards you stand about their antisemitism and the antisemitism of their leaders. Ask them to explain why their Jew Hate is not racism while being anti-islam is. Ask them to explain why reading books and blogs by renowned international authors is offensive while being outraged by halal isn’t. And tell them that there is no ‘right to be offended’ …



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