At this very moment, whilst you’re reading this article, civilians are dying.

Men, women and children are being shot, schools, hospitals and houses are being bombed, and land that once belonged to Muslim families is forcefully taken from them, never to be returned.

I am not, however, talking about Palestine.

This is happening in Somalia, and in Nigeria, and most notably Iraq at this very moment.  So why the hell aren’t we hearing about it?

Instead we are exposed to a daily newsreel of Gaza protests across the world; cries of anger and despair as yet another Palestinian is left to the mercy of the Israeli military, and the reverberation of fury as the world asks why we are doing nothing to help.

All of which they have every right to do, particularly as we see the Palestinian deaths rack up to over a thousand, compared to the Israeli toll of 42 at the time of writing.

But in the midst of this, I have some questions of my own, directed specifically at those of you joined the Gaza protests.

Where was your protest, when Al Shabaab was slicing off the arms and tongues of young men in Somalia?

Where was your protest, when Boko Haram was murdering innocent families in Nigeria?

Where IS your protest, as The Islamic State group formerly known as ISIS, guns down Iraqi civilians in a bloody game of cat and mouse and leaves the City of Mosul without a Christian population for the first time in nearly 2000 years?

You can protest against Israel all you want; in fact you may find a lot of us will join you in doing so.

But before you judge Israel, judge yourself, and question why you were happy to sit at home when the same events took place, and still take place, in three other separate countries.

And to those of you in Paris who thought it appropriate to storm the synagogues, in what you naïvely thought would represent an attack on the ‘Jewish terrorists’ of Israel, I would say only this: when you return home, to your life of comfort, take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror, do so and you will quickly realise that the real terrorist has been staring you in the face all along.

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