By Sam Gould from his blog.

After hearing rumours of anti-UKIP protestors planning to write offensive messages in the sand on the beach behind the Winter Gardens in Margate, where the national UKIP Spring conference was being held, I could not resist the challenge of making my mark first. In my suit and shoes I jumped an 8ft wall to the beach which had only just been uncovered by the tide (which was going out – not coming in as reported by some of the media) and wrote “We Love UKIP” and then “We Love Nige“.

Having proudly accomplished my task, I realised a number of press photographers were snapping away, relishing the attention, I posed for them until I embarrassingly realised that the tide had not gone out fast enough and I remained trapped. Assessing the situation of either going for a swim or a climb,  I recruited Gwain Towler, UKIP’s head of press, who happened to be near by awaiting for the arrival of Nigel Farage, it was while ascending the wall the snappy professional press photographer Elliot Franks took this beauty:



It was not long until this photo went viral on social media creating a “twitter storm”, with the image trending in the UK on Monday 2nd March 2015 with several versions of the image appearing: the photo and the comments which have followed have not ceased to make me laugh :)


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