UKIP Fisheries spokesman pours scorn on Conservative MPs protesting over EU fisheries deal.

Mike Hookem MEP Press Release

UKIP Fisheries Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has poured scorn on Conservatives MPs protesting the Government’s fishing transition deal, saying, “if these MPs were serious about saving the fishing industry, they would show some real guts and resign the Conservative whip.”

Mr Hookem’s comments came after a number of Conservative MPs met with the Prime Minister regarding the Brexit transition deal, that will see British fishers tied to the EU for at least another three years and possibly longer. Many fishers have branded the agreement a ‘betrayal’ and vowed to fight plans to allow EU vessels take 70% of the fish caught in British waters for the next three years future.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “Now is the time for action over mere words!”

“Simply protesting to the boss is not going to cut it. If these MPs – who claim to be on the side of Britain’s fishermen – were so upset over Theresa May’s Brexit sell-out of the fishing industry, then surely their conscience would not allow them to remain tied to the party that negotiated it in the first place.

“The fact is, the MPs should show some real commitment to the communities they serve and resign the Tory whip. By doing this, they would show the PM they mean business and hopefully put the brakes on the continued betrayal of our coastal communities.”

“By remaining under the Conservative whip, the MPs are doing nothing more than propping up Theresa May’s increasingly shambolic government and tacitly agreeing to her sell-out of Britain’s coastal communities.”

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