The biggest single factor threat to us winning our freedom on June 23rd is ignorance – the ignorance of the voters about what our continuing membership in the EU monster will mean for them personally.

While the pundits and politicians are busy scaring us to Remain, with their ludicrous arguments about war in Europe and ISIS liking BREXIT, or that we’ll have to eat grass if we Leave, the most important, really frightening reason to Leave hasn’t even penetrated into the public consciousness.

That reason is the guaranteed loss of our judiciary system created by our ancestors and established here in our green and pleasant land 800 years ago, when King John was forced to sign Magna Carta, see here and here .

The very strange thing is that nobody, from our politicians in the OUT campaign to the journalists in our MSM, is talking about this at all in public. In consequence, the ignorance even amongst those who are clever and well-educated is staggering and downright scary.

Examples from writers and journalists who do talk about it, like here , are brushed aside with the age-old attitude that ‘this happens to other people, it couldn’t possibly happen to me’.

I was flabbergasted when a colleague told me that his acquaintances – all well-educated people, top managers even – said it wouldn’t matter if some Greek or Spanish police officer arrested them here in the UK because ‘my solicitor will deal with this and he’ll have me out of jail in no time’.

Wrong. So very wrong.

Wrong because there won’t be British solicitors pleading your case in Spain or Greece because there won’t be a ‘case’: these authorities are only investigating you, not yet prosecuting you!

And wrong because the EAW is only the first step towards the destruction of our 800-year-old judiciary system. Moreover – it’s already here!

Let me use one extremely horrific case to illustrate why those who brush this aside are so wrong. This case happened here in our country, and it destroyed the lives of four innocent albeit extremely stupid young men.

These four students were accused of gang rape. It took two years in this, our country, for their case to be thrown out by the court because of unbelievable police malfeasance which is now investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission according to this report .

What does this case have to do with the EAW, you may well ask. After all, there were equally horrible cases in the past, like this one of a retired judge for example, who was extradited. Read the report and you’ll see that the ‘suspects’ were extradited not because they had committed crimes and were to be prosecuted but because the authorities were investigating them on suspicion of having committed crimes.

That’s why what happened to the four students is to do with the EAW – forgive the repetition: suspects are being jailed not because the prosecution has made the case but because the authorities think there may be a case which they investigate, the suspects being jailed for the duration of that investigation. These four students would therefore have been in jail for the two years of investigation.

That is the huge difference between our and the Continental judicial system. Thanks to our politicians, the EAW is already placed above our Law of Habeas Corpus. The continental authorities don’t have to show that the suspect has done something wrong and will be taken to court – they simply have to say they think someone did something wrong and put them in jail for the duration of their investigation, which may well show the suspect was innocent after all.

Did you know that in Germany there are actual prisons for accused ‘under police investigation’? That the accused sits there for six, nine or more months until the courts have the time to look at their case? If we stay in, this is what our own judiciary system will be forced to become, because EU Law trumps our laws.

If we stay in, those four young men would have been in prison for two years before the judge gave his verdict and threw their case out. That could have been your sons or grandsons, and may well be your sons and grandsons if we Remain.

The EAW is simply the very first step towards the common, EU wide judicial system called ‘Corpus Juris’. It is the prime example of what it looks like to lose Habeas Corpus, because that’s what Corpus Juris has in store. It’s not about men behaving badly while drunk, here or on holidays in warm countries, about people who should’ve known better. It’s about us already having lost, nay, made to give up, thanks to our Westminster politicians, that most important part of our heritage: Habeas Corpus, which protects us, the people, from judicial tyranny.

It’s about us losing all of that, all of our 800-year-old protection from abuse by the Law, if we stay IN. It’s about the EU destroying, once and for all, our freedom – literally, because how free are you if you can be thrown in jail just ‘on suspicion’?

The EAW shows us today what our future will be like if we Remain.

And make no mistake – this can and will happen to you if we don’t vote OUT on June 23rd.

[Ed: Please share this article as widely as you can – it is that important!]

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