Most UKIP Daily readers will have heard the famous saying popularly attributed to Mahatma Gandhi:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you… then you win.

(In fact, there is considerable doubt that Gandhi actually said this, and a variant of it is attributed to Nicholas Klein, a United States Trade Union Leader)

I have this quote on my UKIP business card – it is effective and accurately describes how the legacy parties and MSM have variously treated UKIP at different times in the party’s career. However, “they” do not seem to be too sure how to treat us at any given time. Yes, we have just won an election, for the European Parliament, and David Cameron has certainly fought us in trying to prevent UKIP from re-forming the EFD with the requisite number of different parties from different nations.

But, as Nigel has said in his Farage on Friday column in the Daily Express this week:

This is not to say that Cameron failed to gain any advantage from his ruse. After all, he did manage to tie me down in Brussels when I would have much preferred to be making more appearances at the Newark by-election. Would a couple more Farage field trips have helped Roger Helmer to an even better result? Who knows, but perhaps.

So, after the Newark By Election, and with our leader tied up with tying the knot for the EFD, the media have had a chance to ignore us, and ignore us they have.

However, there is no doubt that UKIP are a worry for both Conservative and Labour – while they will not admit it, UKIP are at the very least going to take a lot of votes from both of them in key marginals, thus upsetting the balance between them and making results unpredictable, and at best, winning seats. Indeed, if you look at my article on the analysis I have done of the Euro results, tempered by the outcome of post election polls saying how many people would stick with us in May 2015, then UKIP has a very good chance of winning 24 seats solely on that basis, let alone the additional filip where UKIP have a substantial number of councillors, or the party’s popularity increasing.

With that worry in the back of their minds, it was not going to be long till a senior Labour or Tory MP revealed their insecurity with an attempt to either attack or ridicule us. So, today, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Chuck Umunna has decided to laugh at UKIP voters, by ridiculing their abilities on the internet. You just need to look at the comments below the article to see the reaction of the man in the street to his rantings. And remember, this is the man who doesn’t like to mix with the hoi-polloi on his social rounds.

So, how many more cycles of: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you…” are we going to have till UKIP wins a significant number of seats in the 2015 General Election?

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