I’m writing this on Friday morning, after seeing that Douglas Carswell, Peter Bone and Jacob Rees-Mogg have called for a Tory/UKIP pact at the General Election. This is no doubt prompted by the local election results (the European election results won’t be known until Sunday).

Over the last few weeks I been incensed by the relentless media attacks on UKIP. Endless stories of minor misdemeanours by UKIP supporters have been frenziedly reported and ‘opinion’ pieces (particularly in the Daily Telegraph) have plumbed new depths.

Under a masquerade of ‘scrutiny’, the media has been complicit with the Tory Party in running a smear campaign against us. This has been admitted by David Davis, The Commentator has seen actual documents from CCHQ and even the Guardian is reported to have been secretly taking smear stories from CCHQ in order to demonise us.

The cornerstone of a democracy is a free press. The Tory party has used a willing media to conduct a covert smear campaign against us and in doing so have been willing to subvert the democratic process for party purposes. This behaviour is worthy of the lowest banana republic, not Great Britain.

Even if the Tories changed every one of their policies to match ours and invited Nigel to be Prime Minister I would not now want a pact with them.

They are deceitful and dishonourable. I want nothing to do with them.

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