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It is possible to get sucked into a debate that references one of the recent Borough Market Jihadis as a young man who gained entrance to the UK as a ‘bearded child’ many years ago. ‘Beards, Bombs and Burkas’ is an argument that will appeal to many UK traditionalists, as we have been battling ‘mad mullahs’ for generations around the world, and no-one is surprised when adherents of the Islamic faith pop up in our Capital City decapitating people. The argument develops that they should be ‘sent back’ or ‘forced to assimilate.’ This plays straight into the ‘transnational progressives’ hands. They typically have different social models of civilisation to reference and banks of radical revolutionary academic research to support their alternative world views. Caught up in this we find the Nation State. In attempting to hold back the worst influences within our democracies, we are at the same time accused of being ‘left behind’ in the tide of globalist International integration, and ‘racist’ in looking backward to try to defend or reinstitute the ‘evil’ colonialist practices of our forefathers. All this is cleverly orchestrated and choreographed through the Universities and media organisations that are largely ‘owned’ by the globalists. Nowhere is an alternative, pragmatic view, put forward – which says that actually, it is the West that is the victim of ‘reverse colonisation’ at the hands of forces that are not supportive of the Anglosphere and would challenge it for world dominance.

‘Sending them back,’ or forcing immigrants to assimilate through wearing Western garb just plays into the globalist Marxist narrative of oppressor and victim. We need to consider the role of such interlopers within the UK and our role abroad. Possibly the factor that we should consider first is the concept of ‘Citizenship.’ This is something that neither the Globalist nor the Marxist is at all fond of, as it links the individual to a geographic locality and attributes responsibilities to the individual that a good Marxist would prefer to be vested in the State. After a determined effort to replace Citizenship with Consumer Rights through the latter years of the last century, what we have now arrived at – is a mess. Perhaps a good start might be the recognition that everyone is a Citizen of Somewhere, and that they should have the right to live there safely. The UK can’t harbour the waifs and strays of the world. We don’t have the room, nor the resources. We can, however, use the resources that we do have to make these people’s own Nation States as safe for them as we can. If in doing this we take and train them as doctors and nurses, soldiers and sailors, policemen and policewomen – we then must ‘send them back’ and maybe go with them to help them build a better future for both themselves and their fellow countrymen.

Currently, we pillage their skilled medically qualified population for low-cost labour to service our own NHS. Their countries are left bereft of the stability and the skilled people needed to evolve a government best suited to their own particular culture and circumstances. Instead, ‘globalist’ standards are branded as ‘western’ and imposed on people often living in medieval conditions. Is it any wonder that, if encouraged by ‘globalist’ well-wishers, many of them will take up the invitations as extended by Blair and his ilk– or the money and access granted by Soros funded NGOs?

This is nothing new – but having an open and frank debate about how the British public would like their duly elected government to deal with such unprecedented immigration, post our withdrawal from the EU– would be. We must be compassionate. This sits at the very core of our Nation State’s identity and it is the reason that we are loved and respected as individual Britons by the majority of other Nationals when we travel the world. Yet this doesn’t mean that we should sacrifice the strength that has put us in the position to decide our own futures, by changing the nature of our demographic forever. Which Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, an EU founding father, intended, and to which end he has all but succeeded in many major European Capital cities. If this change is something that we want, and the self-serving liberal elite have the active support of the people, then this is something that we should not be scared to debate and explicitly recognise. Otherwise we will continue to drift towards a Globalist vision of how we and our children should live, and the Globalist companies will continue to pillage the countries of origin of our newly arrived migrants, while their financial institutions and NGOs continue to apply supranational influences, the world over, that have been proven to benefit the few and not the many.

Any new UKIP leader must be prepared to raise these, or similar issues, in public debate – and our policy documents must, as far as possible, not just oppose the measures offered by the LibLabCon – but call them out on their duplicity and deceit. ‘Beards. Bombs and Burkas’ has not worked. Neither has ‘Cheap as Chips.’ Jeremy Corbyn has made huge strides by naming a few home truths in the shadow of Mr. Blair, as the New Labour machine is struggling to survive ‘post truth.’ Now is our opportunity to broaden the debate to areas that the political establishment, for reasons of vested interest, dare not go.  We should offer a referendum on ‘immigration’ and ask all sections of the British public what sort of country they want to inhabit, and how we should go about deciding whom we invite to share it with us.

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