I’ve hesitated to write this article, but bear with me. Because of our current obsession with Islam, it’s just possible were missing the real story. I’ve always been in a bit of turmoil over this, because it is at odds with my experiences in Islamic countries and the many Muslim friends that I’ve had.

This is what I consider to be the really important story of today:

Moscow, Beijing To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets

This story was originally published on Zerohedge, but I’ve been following it for some time, from a variety of sources. According to the article:

“The Russian central bank opened its first overseas office in Beijing on March 14, marking a step forward in forging a Beijing-Moscow alliance to bypass the US dollar in the global monetary system, and to phase-in a gold-backed standard of trade.”

To understand the full significance of this, we need to look at recent events in the Middle East. Whenever the West has started a fresh conflict in The Middle East, they always have such noble causes, many have suggested the real reason is oil related, which it indeed is, but not quite so well understood is the importance of Petro-dollars.  See this article on: “Follow the Money” .I choose these articles more for the clarity of the explanations they offer than academic standing, but this information can be found from other sources if you want to wade through it.

Quite simply, the United States would not be able to service its debts if the dollar was not the world reserve currency the US economy would collapse along with its Central Bank, in turn the whole fractional reserve banking system would also collapse. Any country, whether it be: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran or Russia, that has expressed a desire to trade oil in any currency other than the US dollar has been attacked under one pretext or another. See this article from Global Research, it explains why Obama and Clinton were so desperate to start a war with Russia. The US and The West can’t allow this to happen.

Now Russia and China have literally pressed the nuclear button, they are very likely planning gold backed currencies, initially to trade commodities, that will be totally at odds to our central, fractional reserve banking system. The West will not allow this and I believe we’re witnessing the start of the next world war.

Analysing Middle Eastern banks that are run in accordance with Sharia Law is a bit too much for me, they’re very different to our own. I would expect though that some Islamic countries, probably Iran and others will choose to trade with Russia and China for their currencies; this will further create fault lines in the Middle East.

It can be seen then that much of the Islamic world has been a battleground for western interests, people that we’ve come to call the Elite, globalists. US citizens have recently elected Donald Trump in an attempt to regain their country, but he is facing an enormous task, he is up against very powerful and ruthless people. We in the UK did the same when we voted to leave the European Union and we face a similar battle but without a strong leader to represent us, we still have a globalist government.

The globalists have become very adept at utilising the disaffected people of the world against us. Whether that be Black Lives Matter, Poverty stricken Muslim Immigrants, that are all too easily persuaded to march against us under the banner of Islam: this is being done in an attempt to undermine our national identity. If we had just paid the Islamic world for its oil and left them alone, defended our borders, this wouldn’t be happening, but certain powerful and elite people weren’t going to let this happen, they want the world for themselves: what they can’t control, they will destroy.

Our globalist government rather than representing us as they are supposed to, are in starry-eyed subservience to their globalist banking masters. At the time of the last financial crisis, they chose to use our taxes to bail out banks and prop them up, protect the banks at all costs, they are more important than us. Well, very soon you may be asked for more than taxes to prop up these banks, you may be asked to forfeit your country and yours and your families lives too.

In spite of the difficulties we’re having with the Islamic world, it seems strange to think that they may not be the real enemy, we may even have a common enemy with many Muslims, the fractional reserve banking system has enslaved us all. (See my article: “The Faces of Evil”). No, I certainly do not want my country to become Islamic, it is a problem we must face, their culture is very alien to our own. Our government won’t accept there is a problem, because they are puppets of the globalists, we’re a long way down their list of priorities.

In the USA, the people have managed to elect a leader to represent them. We need to find a way to do the same. Islam is a problem and one that needs addressing yes, but we must not lose sight of the real enemy, an enemy that has caused these problems and is very good at distracting us.

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