Some of the cleverest academics that I have ever met are theologists. When you look at the history of religion, it seems to be one of the most complex subjects known to man. Whether we believe in the existence of a god or many gods is immaterial, many of us are still bound by the doctrines of one religion or another.

I myself don’t believe in skygods, but I do lead a very Christian way of life in spite of this. Let’s face it, if the last words you hear in this life are: ‘Allahu Akbar,’ you’ll still have died in the name of Allah whether or not he has a physical or spiritual existence.

Whether we like it or not, religion has a great influence on most of our lives, but to me at least, it’s the doctrines that are important.

Recently, Emmanuel Macron, the French president, claimed that Europe had a common destiny with that of Africa and Angela Merkel certainly seems to believe this. In a theological context perhaps they have a point.

Christianity being around two thousand years old, it arrived in Briton at around the time of the Anglo Saxons, around fifteen hundred years ago and came to dominate over the next few hundred years.

The mainstream religions that affect our lives in Briton and Europe – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – all have their origins in the Middle East, focused around Temple Mount and the chaos and conflict has lasted there for centuries. Technically this is Asia but this has spread throughout much of North Africa.

All of the above religions have had Temples at Temple Mount – I guess that’s why they call it Temple Mount – but what other temples may have been there?

Christianity talks of a Devil or Satan; he’s also known by a number of other names as an evil cast out from Heaven, a fallen angel. It is popular to think of him as a bogyman, the subject of horror movies, but to Satan’s disciples and followers, he’s known as Lucifer the bringer of light, a deity in his own right. Where was Lucifer’s temple?

Lucifer or Satan has many more faces and is perhaps the cleverest and most cunning of all of the deities. He is a liar and a great deceiver. Sometimes Lucifer will appear as a Christian, Jew or a Muslim; he knows how to play them against each other, causing conflict as he pleases.

There is a very interesting video here that explains the Luciferian doctrine, very short and to the point.

“LUCIFERIAN DOCTRINE explained by Hans Wilhelm”

If we were to ask Emmanuel Macron, any other political or religious leader, king or queen who it was they worshiped, most of them would say god: we could never be sure which god however. Lucifer’s disciples, acolytes and followers don’t see themselves as evil, they just have a belief system of their own that is totally at odds with Christianity.

Luciferian doctrine extols the virtues of avarice beyond reason and a selfish pursuit of everything the heart desires at the expense of everybody else. In short:

“Do as thou will, shall be the whole of the law.”

We see no shortage of this doctrine in the world today, a world where the top one percent get exponentially richer, while the rest of us get poorer. Bankers and businessmen print worthless currency and manipulate economies to procure more and more of the world’s resources for themselves. We know which god these people worship.

Globalists and – of particular interest to us sat the moment – the European Union that are building a Tower of Babel with cunning, lies, stealth and subterfuge that would be worthy of Lucifer himself. We know which god they worship.

Another aspect of the Luciferian faith is its absolute determination to break down Christian taboos and beliefs and there is no shortage of this today. The traditional Christian family is being broken down at an ever increasing rate, our children are being bombarded with transgenderism, homosexuality and many other sexual beliefs that not so long ago would have been regarded as perverted and imprisonable offences.

The corporate world and our government are infested with paedophiles that never seem to get caught, due to an increasingly undermined legal system. These kinds of perversion have long been a feature of the Luciferian faith.

Actually to read some of the Luciferian texts is quite interesting, they have their own view of the world and justification for doing what they do, just as we do, but it is important to realise that a lot of what they preach is at odds with our own way of life and harmful to us.

Not only is the Luciferian doctrine alive and well, it is in rude health and thriving. Dotted all over the United Kingdom and Europe are Churches, Synagogues and Mosques, but again: where are Lucifer’s temples?

I’m not going to tell you where Lucifer’s temples are, it has taken me years to find out. This is a journey that will challenge your beliefs about life and maybe pop your bubble.

Some of you would think I’m a crank, some of you will ‘tut, tut’ and forget what I tell you. But if you want to understand the bewildering things that are happening in the world today, that are turning our piece of the world upside down, maybe you should realise that there is a big piece of the jigsaw missing.

So, you’ll have to join the dots and figure things out for yourself if you really want to know.

I’ll ask you again: where are Lucifer’s temples?

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