With the fast approaching Scottish referendum vote, the likelihood of a divided union is too close to call. With the latest poll by Survation at 52% No v 47% Yes, there is still everything to play for.

There have been a swathe of news articles highlighting the advantages of both camps, and more interestingly, there have been a torrent of articles supposing the likely motivations of the Westminster parties. These articles attempt analysis on why one particular party may prefer which particular result.

It is easy to decipher Labour’s motivation: More than 40 seats that may never change hands. The Conservatives seem to be crying out for a No vote whilst rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of leveling out the electoral playing field. And the Libdems? Come 2015, their Scottish seat may be the only difference between them and the Green party.

What interests me most is UKIP’s motivation.

Many people  would say that an independent Scotland is a benefit to UKIP as the Labour advantage is removed, making it difficult for either Labour or the Conservatives to form a majority without the support of a partner.

I disagree.

UKIP is the party of hope. The party for a brighter future. Let’s not give up on our Scottish cousins because of their voting habits. Remember, it was only a few short years ago that many of us UKIP supporters in England were voting for Labour and Conservative.

Look at the progress that UKIP has made north of the border in such a short space of time.

Our fantastic Scots MEP, David Coburn!

Over 140, 000 votes in the European elections!

This is a group of people who are hungry for the change that only UKIP can deliver… A change from the status quo, a change from the broken system of elitist politicians and a change from the struggles of the past to hope for the future.

How can we say that we are here to make a difference if we start by doing what the other parties have been doing for years…ignoring the voters. Scotland is desperate for some kind of change (why else the referendum?), let’s help them make the change a positive one and let them know that UKIP is here for them.

The United Kingdom Independence Party, let’s be United. Only then can we achieve the Independence we really want

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