Well you couldn’t make it up. How we have arrived at this situation no-one can fathom. The Scottish Referendum in September 2014 could lead to Scottish independence in 2016. Here are some of the possible consequences of the breakup of the UK. Let’s take a short trip in the Tardis, and take a look back at Scotland from 2019:

The French embassy is the first foreign embassy to take up residence in Edinburgh. The first French ambassador renews the Auld Alliance. He leaves soon after because the cuisine is not to his liking.

Faslane submarine base is declared a UK Sovereign Base. The area is secured by Royal Marines. Alex Salmond complains to the UN. The Blair Atholl Army are unable to recapture the base.

Many Scots South of the border rush to take elocution lessons. The popular accents requested are: Scouse, Geordie and Cockney.

The Queen (not amused) appoints Prince Andrew and Fergie as her representatives in Scotland. Fergie is after all a Ferguson and Andrew shares his name with the patron Saint. They take up residence at Balmoral.

The Shetland Isles (with its huge oil wealth) declares its own independence having already annexed the Orkneys. They enter into dialogue with the UK and Norwegian Governments.

There is much unrest in the Hebrides where Gaelic leaders prefer an affiliation with Ireland.

The Scot’s “Pooond” can only be used in Scotland as all businesses and individuals in the UK refuse to accept it.

Scotland renegotiates membership of the EU. The EU requires Scotland to adopt the Euro by June 2017.

Berwick Rangers is thrown out of the Scottish Football League.

Much to the annoyance of the Scottish Government, Glasgow Rangers Football Club continues to fly the Union flag.

The West Lothian question is finally answered.

In 2017 Edinburgh is renamed “Alexburgh”.

Independence Day is marked by an SNP parade down Princess Street in the new Alexburgh. Mr Salmond takes the salute.

The SNP happy with their work change their name to National Socialists Democratic Alba Party (NSDAP). For some strange reason, tourism from Germany increases.

Shipbuilding on the Clyde finally closes after the re-fitting of the Vital Spark (tug vessel) for the return of the famous Scots TV series (The Tales of Para Handy).

In 2018 the UK leaves the EU. Stricter border controls between England and Scotland are put in place to restrict migration out of Scotland. This becomes to be known as the Lowland Clearances.  Gretna Green is now the place for quickie divorces and the place to organise illicit transit into England.

The Scottish Broadcasting Committee ban all repeats of the TV series Rab C Nesbit. This is because it portrays a poor representation of Scottish culture.

So there you have it. The whole idea of devolution was to stop regional Nationalism in its tracks. Instead, Nationalism has been encouraged. It’s another fine mess that our great politicians have got us into. Even if Scotland votes “no” to independence it will leave that country and the rest of the UK more divided. The same process is happening in other European countries – Spain, France, Italy and even Germany. They all have regions that exhibit differences and a desire to separate. This is exactly what the EU project wants – divide and rule.  They must be stopped. The starting point is to get tough with the SNP or is that a case of Great Expectations?

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