Will our self-appointed elites ever learn? It would seem not!

The Establishment – here in the UK as well as the USA – is obviously resistant to learning. In the wake of Donald Trump’s election to the US Presidency we were treated to the astonishing display of cries of ‘our fault’ and crocodile tears in the US media, with excuses for using wrong polling methods and prediction models which they didn’t fully understand, according to one hapless NYT lady. (Did nobody tell her and them that models may be nice and shiny but aren’t worth the money if the old GIGO* rule is forgotten? Were they too young to remember that?)

Videos on Youtube of mea-culpas abound – but one or two days later and all is officially forgotten. They are back at it again, especially here in our country where the MSM didn’t even have the grace to admit that, yes, perhaps they did get it wrong, twice. They are still in post-Brexit mode, where the electorate is deemed to be stupid and deplorable, deaf to the reasonable voices from the Establishment patiently telling them how wrong they were.

Videos of the violent protests against Trump abound on Youtube and Twitter, as if it is perfectly normal to protest violently against an election which was free and equitable. That is provided one overlooks the various methods of well-documented fraud about illegals being bussed in to vote, about felons being given the vote with a stroke of the pen of a reigning state Governor, of absentee ballots being filled in by hand in a certain county in Florida – a state where, as we remember, confirmation took a very long time to come.

Videos and especially tweets of Millennials, a.k.a. ‘Generation Snowflake’ abound where the poor things are in tears, fearful of their lives because of Trump, and where ‘social justice warriors’ demand that the constitution be overthrown by the Supreme Court and by the Electoral College.

We know all this because our MSM report this: one tweet is important news, you see, and if there’s violent protest, if there are white people being beaten up by blacks – well, it’s Trump’s fault for getting elected, innit, and must be reported so that the MSM can feel reaffirmed in their attitude of despising Trump and all who voted for him.

After all, we’ve seen it here with Brexit. This attitude is not going away: the ‘elite’, the Establishment, the MSM know best. What they do is called ‘doubling down’, and our politicians are happy to join in: we need a second referendum, they cry – and the Supreme Court will surely let the High Court decision stand!

The point our lot – politicians and journalists – have not grasped is the same as their brethren and sisters over there have overlooked: the actual constitution of our different countries.

The USA is not a democracy where every vote counts – it was and is a representative republic. That’s why there’s an Electoral College: to ensure that every state and every voter in every state has the same chance of being heard in Washington, and that the big cities around the East and West Coasts cannot overrule, by their sheer numbers, those in the rural communities, a.k.a fly-over country.

Here, our wonderful politicians and their helpers in the media warble on about ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ – what a nice bit of obfuscation. It overlooks the basis of our constitution, namely that The People are the sovereign – not Parliament. The People allow Parliament to govern in their name, but that does not mean Parliament is allowed to govern against our will.

This is the one big point which our elites resist to accept – not here, not in the USA, whose Constitution begins with the words “We, the People”. The Establishment over there and over here still believes that it is they alone who should govern, nudge, rule and influence government. Our 17.4 million votes were not enough to teach them differently, nor is Trump’s victory.

They still believe that they and they alone have the right to dictate our lives, our conditions, our laws. We the People must not be allowed to do so because we are too ignorant, too stupid, too ‘left behind’, too bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, islamophobic, and whatever next week’s issue is, to be allowed to vote.

They have found the real enemy: middle-aged white men (funny, middle-aged white women aren’t mentioned – that surely is sex discrimination?). They have thus come out with a snazzy explanation for Trump’s victory: it was a ‘white-lash’. So you won’t be surprised to hear that a British (white, female – one’s got to say that nowadays!) journalist tweeted she thinks it’s time to remove the vote from all white people …

It seems as if a terrible sickness has befallen our ‘elites’ which makes them immune to the teachings of history, which makes them blind to the simple rules of how we elect parliaments or presidents. They cannot bear the thought of losing. They think enacting childish tantrums for all to see is the way forward. Perhaps they ought to recall the word of President Obama in 2008 when he told Congress: “We won. You lost. Deal with it”, Mind, that was eight years ago, and they were probably still in primary school then …

But it is worse. That wise man Albert Einstein once said that ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. Now look at our elites, politicians and media types alike. Aren’t they doing the same thing over and over again: bashing us, the people, denouncing us, telling us how dumb and ignorant we are and stridently demanding we do what they say, in the hope that surely we must accept their verdict and keep our stupid mouths shut?

17.4 million voters for Brexit – and still they denigrate us. Millions of voters for Trump – and still they denigrate them. Still they go on, here and over there, in their old ways of trying to lord it over us. Still they go on telling us that we are too stupid to be allowed to vote, that we must leave it ‘to the experts’.

They haven’t learned. They keep doing the same thing over and over again. Was Einstein right? Must we now come to the sad conclusion that our self-appointed ‘elites’ are in fact insane? It would seem so.

* GIGO = garbage in garbage out, early computer programmers’ wisdom

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