Well said Lawrence Webb! And well voted the Havering Branch! I see this has provoked much controversy in the party.

However the crucial point which cannot and must not be avoided is: Should UKIP campaign against the mass rape of British children by gangs of men of Muslim Pakistani heritage? If the answer is “Yes”, this means campaigning alongside Tommy Robinson on just this.

Or should we join in with the local authorities, the police, the MSM and the LibLabCon politicos in sweeping under the carpet the fact that these men are inspired by the same world-view (religion, ideology) as those who enslaved, raped, bought and sold,  the Yazidi and other non-Muslim girls in Iraq? A world-view in which religious authority considers women as inferior to men (see Koran 4:34).

These views are part of the same world-view that inspires the laws of their original homeland – Pakistan. I have read the judgement whereby the Supreme Court of that benighted country recently acquitted Asia Bibi, a Christian peasant woman, from the charge of blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed. They acquitted her because they decided that there was not enough evidence to show that she did actually make any insulting remark about the Prophet. She had spent 9 years in prison awaiting this verdict, after being found guilty and sentenced to death on the first instance and on appeal. In their judgement, the Supreme Court judges cited section 295-C of the Pakistani criminal code, which provided a penalty of “death or life imprisonment” for anyone who blasphemed the prophet. And then they tell us that in the 1990s a Sharia legal authority had the option of “life imprisonment” removed as being too lenient, so now the only penalty for blasphemy is a mandatory death sentence. This is the law of the land in Pakistan. The only public debate on it was whether or not life imprisonment might be an option, or if it had to be death.

We need to face the fact that this is part of the official worldview of the original homeland, not only of the rapist gangs, but also of the Mayor of London, the former Chair of the ruling Tory Party, and of the current Home Secretary. Have they rejected this heritage? Well, even if in their hearts they might have, they would have difficulty in saying so openly, because they would then be accused by many in their “community” of apostasy. And the penalty for apostasy is death, under Sharia law. So they feel they have to say they are “proud Muslims of Pakistani heritage”.

And as I have pointed out in a previous article, by ordering Tommy Robinson’s move to a prison where the jihadist inmates were out to kill him, whoever – in the Home Office, under a Muslim Home Secretary – took that decision (and when will some brave MP stand up and ask the Home Secretary who it was?), well, whoever it was, was effectively applying Sharia Law. As a British official. In Britain. For in the Sharia law-book, Tommy Robinson’s criticisms of Islam certainly deserve the death penalty.

To join these dots and see the picture that emerges obviously takes us a long way out of our comfort zone. But then so it was in the 1930s, to realise the implications of German re-armament under Hitler. Churchill, who tried to sound the alarm, was dismissed as a “warmonger” and banned by the BBC for years.

There is an argument that says, “Tommy Robinson would not bring new members into UKIP, if this were so then the fact that our leader supports him should be enough to make them want to join already, but they are not joining”. A cursory glance shows that this argument does not hold water. A Tommy Robinson supporter who is thinking of joining UKIP will obviously wait and see if Tommy Robinson himself is going to be accepted. Otherwise if they join and then Tommy Robinson is rejected, they will feel pretty silly. They know that Gerard’s support is not enough, it has to be the Chairman and the NEC who decide to make an exception to the general rule. As I understand it, the NEC has decided to kick this can down the road for the moment.

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