An open letter to ‘The Rabid Killer of Truth’

Dear Mr Blair, for it is you of whom I speak,

The following puff piece about The Most Exquisite You appeared in the Daily Telegraph. My answers written over the top of your actual words, or a paraphrasing of them, are set out in red, by paragraph:

Tony Blair has told Remain voters ‘we’re the insurgents now’ and urged them to persuade Brexit supporters that the country is better off staying in the European Union.

‘..the country is better off staying in the European Union.’ How? The EU is broke, it has the lowest growth in the world, it can’t even get its accounts signed off (and hasn’t managed this feat for 20 years).

The former prime minister said the will of the people should be respected but insisted Remain voters “have to believe in the people’s innate sense, that they’re also open to a better argument in the light of the facts as they come to light”.

What  ‘… better argument’? Remain did not produce a single argument based on facts. All we heard were opinions and threats! (Can’t he get Alastair Campbell to grab another undergraduate paper from the web – even if it means starting another war? ‘Our lives are a small enough price to pay – to teach those Arabs the Luxembourg way.’ *)

Issuing his rallying cry, he said Remain voters should mobilise and organise to “prise apart the alliance which gave us Brexit” and insisted that, as the “catastrophic” realities of leaving take hold, staying in must remain an option.

What ‘catastrophic realities of leaving’? The economy grew 0.5% in the quarter after the vote and Nissan has said it will stay.  The Treasury forecast, in the event of Brexit if you remember, was for -1%. How inconvenient that the UK did so comparatively well…

He highlighted the sharp fall in the pound as a “negative prediction about our economic future”, and the blocking of a Canada-EU free trade deal by the Walloon regional parliament in Belgium as evidence that Brexit may not take the form many Leave voters had imagined.

Oh, the fall in the pound? That makes our exports more competitive! The Walloon region holding up an international trade treaty is exactly why we should be free to conduct our own deals. We are the fifth largest economy in the world. Where, exactly, does Wallonia stand in the world trade league tables? Well it beats Angola and just squeaks Puerto Rico. Anyway, we pay a Canadian Governor of the Bank of England almost a million pounds a year to talk the pound down and he has been very effective at that.

Brexit-backing politicians are now openly acknowledging that leaving means freeing Britain from its “essential social democratic” model, including a free NHS, he said.

Hang on! What, exactly, is ‘essential’ about our social democrat model? It is actually what is holding us back!

In its place they envisage “free market, free trading, light regulation, low tax, low social protection” like in city states Hong Kong and Singapore – something which not all Leave voters would back.

‘…free market, free trading, light regulation, low tax’? Wow! Yes please! Let’s have some of that! Are Hong Kong and Singapore successful? Does a fish swim? Meanwhile, have we not overdone our ‘social protection’? The whole world wants to come here for free handouts.

But here is the rub! Did you see Blair’s sleight of hand again? Not one single reason, valid or otherwise, as to why we should remain manacled to a corpse of an economy. In the first half of this year, I wrote 33 articles for another place which set out reasons for Brexit by the hundred. Where I had reasons backed by facts, Blair has none. Not one. Nix. Naff all. He was – and still is – a fact-free zone. No wonder the ‘Son of Blair’ thought he had a free ride!

Mr Blair, you do think you are ‘a pretty straight sort of guy’, don’t you?. You vaingloriously told us as much. Well this proved you were not human because, as GFW Hegel would have responded, ‘From the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made.’

So why don’t you take your insurgency straight along to Mosul now? They would love to see you. Byeee!

Yours without affection,

Schrödinger’s cat

Photo by Center for American Progress

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