There are no more fascists. There are no more Nazis. They were decisively defeated in World War Two, their leaders killed, their organisations destroyed and outlawed, their followers and ideologies purged from politics and their ideas forever damned and defined as the manifestation of pure evil in the public consciousness.

Such is the passage of time that all the Nazis who managed to evade justice have either died or are very elderly and infirm – an exception being self-confessed Nazi collaborator George Soros, billionaire funder of far left groups pushing the globalist open borders “anti-fascist” agenda. (Is it any wonder some of the groups he funds, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, today most resemble the political thugs of the interwar years?)

Those who today declare themselves neo-Nazis are a rabble of the educationally sub-normal, psychologically damaged and mentally ill, who merely ape the evil caricature that has been handed down to them by the postwar consensus. They would have found themselves forcibly sterilised rather quickly by the real Nazis.

This presents a problem for leftists who want to relive the glory days of fighting fascism. If there are no more fascists, who do you fight?

You have to invent fascists to fight. You have to find fascists where they don’t exist. You must pick out victims, hound them and destroy them – much like the witch-hunts of old. After all, leftism is a quasi-religion.

They perpetuate the old communist lies – labelling all their opponents ‘fascists’, pretending fascism is the end result of conservatism and personal liberty and the opposite of socialism.

The other label which has become synonymous with ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ is ‘racist’. A neologism coined in the 1930s to describe ideologies such as National Socialism and having become an increasingly pervasive pejorative in years since, it conflates a number of quite different historic and social phenomena under one definition. Hence everything from industrialised genocide, slavery and segregationism, to telling the wrong kind of jokes, expressing reservations about large numbers of people of a foreign culture moving into your neighbourhood, along with the issues which accompany such change and even ‘colour-blindness’ are all defined as the same thing: ‘racism’.

The civil rights movement in 1960s America, struggling to abolish segregation, was a just cause. When the British left sought to emulate their heroes across the Atlantic, they picked on something quite different to equate and demonise – the entirely reasonable concerns of the traditional working class about how rapid mass migration supported by employers was impacting their communities (in the true old-fashioned sense of that word).

Socialists have traditionally been opposed to nationalism and patriotism – viewing the first as an artificial construct and the second as a cynical manipulation derived from it by which the ruling class tries to persuades the working class to fight each other rather than to unite in international social revolution.

This is in disregard of key facts. Humans have formed tribes and fought neighbouring tribes since time immemorial and wars led by self-serving nobles long-predate the nation state which emerged as peoples emancipated themselves from feudalism. The formation of ethnically-based nation states was in fact the solution to many wars. Multicultural countries were those where conflict persisted.

The simplistic ruling tribal leftist mindset runs thus:

“All these things – fascism, Nazism, racism, nationalism and conservatism – are the same thing: the evil regressive right wing – and they hate it with a passion. Leftism is the opposite – goodness, progress, compassion, love, peace and freedom. “(Let’s forget about Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all those other murderous commies – they’re nothing to do with us!)”

“Any concession to the right, any backtracking from cultural Marxism (however failed or demonstrably wrong) is a step on the slippery slope to … Hitler! We must not give it an inch. Anything which the right hates must be good, like uncontrolled mass migration. It is immoral to think through the consequences. My enemy’s enemy is my friend – even if that’s something like fundamentalist Islam, the most misogynist and barbaric culture which is in direct opposition to so many of our other proclaimed principles. We are blind to any contradictions – and those who try to point them out we label ‘Islamophobic’, which is the same as … Hitler!”

“A success for any campaign which is associated with the right, like Brexit, must be fought and reversed – even if the hard left has traditionally regarded the EU as a big-business and financier-controlled club which usurps parliamentary democracy and the younger generation didn’t seem very excited about the issue until they were whipped into a frenzy – because … Hitler! Never mind the awkward connections may of the original architects of the European Project had with the real National Socialists.”

I really believe this is the reason for the massive, emotive, irrational backlash against Brexit. Note the recent comments by some churchmen and EU politicians around Brexit, Trump and populism hysterically suggesting these things will lead us to Nazism and war. They peddle the line that the EU is the only thing which has prevented war and fascism in Europe since World War Two – even though it can be far more realistically argued that it is NATO which has done so.

Television programmes about National Socialism run with titles like ‘A Warning From History’ – the implication being that there is an ever-present danger that such horrors return, if the easily-led masses were to follow evil right wing populists – like UKIP, the AfD, or Donald Trump (even if he has turned Republican business-as-usual, sacked all his good guys and capitulated to the Washington establishment at every turn since his inauguration – he said the wrong thing on the campaign trail and he’s not an insider.)

It is of course not ‘fascist’ or ‘Nazi’ to want to leave an undemocratic superstate, control immigration in the interests of your ordinary working citizens, challenge Marxist narratives, root out misogynist foreign cultural practices or to fight for increased personal freedom from the state.

It’s an old smear – and old lie – and we must challenge it head on.

[Editorial Note: this is the second article in the series ‘Grasping the Nettle’.  We published the first article here. The other articles in that series will be published in the coming days.]



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