I am delighted to inform you we are organising a welcome rally for Trump during his visit to London.

He has thousands upon thousands of fans here in the UK and we want to let him know how much we support him and back his visit to our country and so decided what better way to demonstrate this than by holding a rally which will including several high profile speakers.

The rally will be held outside the American Embassy on Saturday 14th July 2018 between 10.00am and 2.00pm.

We have invited the Football Lads Alliance, the Democratic Football Lads Alliance, UKIP London, Tommy Robinson, KT Hopkins, and the Veterans Against Terrorism, to march with us.



We are a Tea Party style group called the People’s Charter who have adopted his great election campaign slogan as ‘Make Britain Great Again’.

We aim to highlight issues of importance in the current political spectrum. We do not advocate any type of aggressive activism, and have a strict policy of decorum and polite behaviour which our members must adhere to.

We marched for Trump already in Birmingham:



We would greatly appreciate it you could promote the rally and help us gain even more momentum. We already have at least a thousand people who have confirmed they will attend and we have only just started to publicise the event.

Luke Nash-Jones


The People’s Charter Foundation

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