I personally follow this monthly poll with avid interest.  It has been running for 40 years, and is a true barometer on what people in Britain think about the real-life issues facing them, not the issues that their LibLabCon MPs imagine they face, like, for sake of a simple example… gay marriage.

Back in 1974, when it started, this is what it looked like:


For those who are too young to remember that period, we had just had the “fuel crisis” when OPEC jacked up their prices, and the price of petrol almost doubled, we had miner’s strikes, power cuts and massive inflation including house prices. The European issue was not so big then, as it was just the EEC, just a “common market” and both Labour and Conservative were trying to keep it low key, albeit Labour had promised a referendum to garner some votes.

Just look at the contrast to today, this month’s analysis at the top of the article. While the EU as an issue doesn’t figure highly in its own right, the effects of the EU do. The British people are not stupid, they can see what the EU-imposed policy of mass immigration (#1 issue) is doing to this country, not just altering the cultural balance, but also impacting on government services: the NHS (#2 up from #3), policing (#7 up from #8) and Education (#8). They can see the effect it is having on their own pockets, with the Economy at #3 and Unemployment at #4 (up from #5).

UKIP’s leadership has been very wise to package our offering on those lines, rather than “banging on about the EU”. It’s the root cause of our problems, yes, and subliminally people know that, and the solution is to get out of the club, but the realisation of that aim is not going to be a walk in the park.

We must focus on the problems the country faces, and the people of this country see that we face. We must offer them our policies which aim to address those problems.  Our outline manifesto, as presented at Conference, does just that. Here’s some examples against the Top 4 issues:


  • Leave the EU to regain control of our borders.
  • Reduce net immigration to 50,000 people per yea
  • Points-based immigration system for more highly skilled immigrant workers, from any country.
  • Far stricter controls on illegal immigrant
  • Increase front line border staff by 2,500.


  • NHS remains free at the point of need.
  • Mandatory health insurance for immigrant workers and visitors
  • Exempt the NHS from TTIP and investor protection laws so private companies can’t sue the government over NHS contracts,
  • Abolish Monitor and the Care Quality Commission quangos.
  • Clinicians to run the NHS at county level


  • Leave the EU to save £55m a day
  • Cut Foreign Aid by 90% to save £10Bn/year
  • No income tax for full-time minimum wage earners.
  • Tax rate band of 35% for £42k to £55k a year.
  • Abolish inheritance tax – why should your family pay tax when you die?
  • Turnover tax for large companies to stop avoidance of corporation


  • Fixed hour contract after 12 months for zero hours workers.
  • Employers allowed to discriminate in favour of unemployed British under-25s.
  • More flexible labour market with less regulation.
  • Simplify planning to help SMEs secure change of use and re-use. (more local jobs)
  • Encourage free parking in town centres.(more local jobs)

Let’s get out there on the streets of our country and broadcast those positive messages to resonate with the problems that the people of this country can see for themselves.

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