Does anyone think we get any value for money for the ‘taxpayer’ from our MPs?  They surrender control of our borders and our sovereignty, give over our fishing grounds, surrender powers to make our own UK policy and law and have our courts subjected to foreign jurisdictions.  The list of grievances against our government is just too extensive to mention. Our forefathers had similar grievances in the dim and distant past and maybe it’s time to take stock, as history has repeated itself.

Maybe the Bill of Rights 1688 should be thrust under the noses of “Call me Dave” and the other MPs in the Commons so they can see the contract they are supposed to adhere to. It has a very important and relevant quotation in our constitution which is being ignored by them and forgotten by many, at our peril.

…“I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme”…

Did our forefathers leave any foreign jurisdictions out in their demands at the time from a tyrannical government? I think they were pretty thorough in their instructions. Don’t you think so too?

All these functions of government above used to be looked after, protected, regulated and implemented by the UK government that we elect every four or five years and their loyalty and trust to Queen and country was without reproach. It’s obviously a little more complicated than this because of the involvement of the Civil Service, whose members also swear to Queen and country and are trusted to comply with this in mind when serving in public office. At the end of the day the buck used to stop with the Prime Minister and the Minister for the department in charge.

It was expected that MPs formulate policy and law in the interest of the UK and serve their public, and hopefully ensure the government made from those MPs will implement at least some of their ‘cast-iron’ promises from their glossy manifesto at the time they were elected into office. Now no one takes responsibility for failings or inactivity because it has now been handed to quangos and non-governmental offices who get their instructions from Brussels, but at the same time government makes great pretence they still hold all the cards .

We pay MPs to sit around and twiddle their thumbs. What do they do now? Most do nothing to justify their fat salaries and expenses but there is an angle that should be noted with some officials when they get stuck in positions of power but little importance.

They turn into little Hitlers (the traffic warden syndrome). Take a normal, well adjusted person and put them in a traffic warden’s uniform and they become Frankensteins who take great joy in ticketing everyone just because they can

Likewise, because of how their legislatives powers have dwindled, some MPs try to justify their place by thinking up laws and policy on the fringes of politics, not covered by EU laws and policy, such as;

  • A ‘plastic bag’ tax to make it look like they care for the little seals and the environment.
  • Anti-terror laws. All designed to make us think they are working hard for our safety against an enemy they created; snooping on our private messages, emails, phone calls and iPods to track and trace us, using the plethora of surveillance cameras on every corner for our ‘security and safety’ of course.
  • ‘Climate Change’ taxes to make our poor and elderly freeze in their beds and businesses like the steelworks, cement, pharma, chemical, glassworks, etc. flee abroad so people and businesses have their own lives destroyed and are distracted trying to pick up the pieces around them instead of focusing their attention on Westminster.
  • State child trafficking on an industrial scale. Fostering and adoption agencies financed out of the public purse. 68,000 children legally kidnapped and held in ‘care’ at any one time. In some of those care homes they become the prey of paedophiles, but it’s mostly about big business and worth a cool £4billion a year to the child brokering industry. Each child is worth in excess of £600 a week, all from the public purse. The State has become the purveyor of misery, preying on innocent families up and down the country for not complying with diktats from officials in Social Services for the benefit of the “child catchers”.

There are then those things that will distract the general public and media from knowing what is really going on. Keep all the pomp and ceremony to continue creating a veil of smoke and mirrors to hide the truth – that they no longer hold the reins of power and are not able to make decisions on the affairs of state and act in Britain’s best interests.

We even have politicians like Theresa May MP, the Home Secretary, making one of her toughest anti-migrant speeches yet at the Conservative party conference for her faithful few, but during her stint as Home Secretary since 2010 a migrant army in the order of 1 million just from the European Union, and a further 2 million from elsewhere on the planet have beaten a path to these fair shores to make it standing room only in parts. Can she do anything to alleviate this, indeed can any of her comrades in office do anything? There is precious little sign anything is being done or ever will be. They used to call this “all mouth and trousers”; now they say it’s talking the talk, but there is never any walking the walk.

One important factor is who is paying for this additional ‘service’ just so that MPs can twiddle their thumbs and talk? You are. In higher taxes to the region of about £10 billion a year over a timeframe of 43 years, but with an all important caveat for that service provider in Brussels has it in his ‘small print’ to take the whole country and make it a province of the United States of Europe, although the cynical would say “… of Germany.”

Through your taxes you are paying double/treble the going rate for the ‘same’ service, not taking account of the additional costs of over-regulation in businesses trying to comply with them all.  How many hospitals, doctors and nurses would you get for that money? Spare cash for a new fleet of ships for the navy? Aircraft carriers with planes on them? You could even gold plate the pavements outside and have pensions to be proud of for our senior citizens.

If I were at home and I had a list of potential plumbers to call to install my central heating, I would as standard practice ask for quotes from about three plumbers for the whole installation. I would then look at the quotes and see what I was getting for my money and weigh up the benefits of each quote, to see what I was buying for my hard-earned cash.

In my analysis, the more expensive quotes aren’t necessarily the best ones, and like wise the cheapest isn’t always good value if it keeps breaking down or doesn’t last very long. I take into account the products in the package and reputations in that they may be of superior quality and guaranteed to last a ‘lifetime’ or ‘10 years’; others might offer products that are of poor quality, so it is always best to go on recommendations. Once it’s installed you’re stuck with it for yonks. In our case it’s been 43 years.

Would you be happy that you have chosen to pay for a crème de la crème central heating system, only to find it only blows hot air outside the house and not inside? And would you recommend this ‘service’ to anyone else? Or only be warning others to steer clear?

Like the EU, it’s not great value for our money is it? So why are we putting up with it?

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