The migrant crisis is fast becoming a full-blown invasion of Europe from the East.  What can be done about it?  Here is a potential solution that might ease the pressure on hard-pressed European lands.

What we should be looking for is somewhere to send these migrants, where they will be above all safe, sheltered, fed, cared for, and perhaps productive.  We need to find somewhere that has a lot of unused space, a low density of population, is at peace, and has a culture that is moderately Muslim, as most of the migrants are Muslims.  I suggest we look east, to the Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan etc.  These republics fit the criteria, and perhaps they should be approached to allow the UN to locate migrant camps on some of their unused territory, if the UN pays the bills and guarantees state security.  These camps would obviously have to start off as tented camps, but if these camps are initially filled with mainly young men, these young men can form a labour force that will build more substantial accommodation, that would eventually include utilities etc, that will transform the camps into viable communities.  The migrants include skilled people such as engineers, doctors, and teachers, so these people could use their skills to create communities similar to the ones they have left.  If they are allocated excess land, they may be able to cultivate that land, and so contribute to their upkeep and provide employment for the residents.  Other enterprises, such as manufacturing, should be encouraged, to provide employment and revenue for the communities.  Such communities would be designed to soak up the migrant numbers and keep them out of overcrowded Europe.  If the migrants believe they will be sent to one of the Central Asian Republics instead of the fleshpots of Europe it will help to weed out the genuine refugees, fleeing war and persecution, from the freeloaders, who are just seeking a life in the lands of bright lights and benefits.

Of course all this will cost a fortune, and the West will have to put our hands in our pockets to pay for all of this, but it will probably prove value for money in the long term.  Syria is likely to be a basket case for at least a generation, and a solution is needed for the refugees that will give them a standard of living somewhere near to the one they left.  To keep flooding the West with migrants is not the answer.  If Europe keeps taking them, many more will just keep coming.  Dumping huge numbers of people into a culture that they are not used to will eventually cause problems, whatever the starry-eyed do-gooders say.  The West doesn’t deserve to have these problems foisted on us.  We didn’t start the Syrian crisis.  It was started by Syrians in the flood of euphoria following the Arab Spring, so why should we be expected to pick up the pieces simply because we have built ourselves prosperous societies?  There is also another question that needs to be answered.  Russia is a major player in the Syrian conflict as a supporter of the Assad regime, and Saudi Arabia is a major supporter of some of the rebel groups, so how many migrants are Russia and Saudi Arabia taking?

It is noticeable that neither the European governments nor the mainstream media are asking this question.  I wonder why?

If a bog-standard peasant like me can see this, how come our illustrious leaders and the high media panjandrums can’t?

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