It’s OK to describe Salman Abedi, the coward who murdered 21 mostly young people on Monday, as an Islamic terrorist. He was. He was not a nice Moslem, nor a good one, indeed he was a murderous young thug who waged war upon women and children, but he was a Moslem nonetheless.

The Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, doesn’t understand Islam, with respect. Abedi was born to an Islamist father, who has now been taken into custody in Libya. He grew up a Moslem and attended a local mosque. Weeks before the attack this muppet was seen mumbling Islamic prayers in the street, presumably after he was assigned Monday’s mission.

What the mayor (he’s not a proper Lord Mayor, btw, just an elected one) meant to say was that Abedi was not a Sufi Moslem. Indeed not. Sufis are peaceful. Abedi was a member of the murderous Salafist sect. Salafists are nonetheless Moslems, in the same way that the more militant Christians, such as the Methodists, are still Christians.

Terrorism Is State-Sponsored

Thursday’s Question Time perfectly illustrated the knowledge gap amongst the political class. Not one member of the panel appeared to have grasped the fundamental point that terrorism is a state-sponsored phenomenon. If you want to know the aim of any particular attack you connect the dots and look at the strategic aims of the sponsoring state, in this case the Federal Republic of Germany, which is desperate to stop Brexit from happening. It’s all in my book.  

Abedi attacked a target which was assigned to him, probably in Dusseldorf. Since the covert German DVD set up and controls ISIS, with which Abedi was loosely affiliated, Abedi’s visit to Germany was not surprising. He probably collected the timer in Dusseldorf as well. There would have been no security checks outbound, since the DVD controls the federal German government.

The suggestion that Abedi went from Libya to Dusseldorf via Syria is also unsurprising. The DVD control al-Qaeda and its Syrian affiliate, hence the involvement of Iraq, a German client-state at the time, in 9/11 and al-Qaeda’s targeting of the US, not Israel. Remember a number of the 9/11 terrorists had been in the Hamburg Cell, protected by the DVD.

Was Abedi Acting Alone?

The Manchester Terrorist Attack has seen the effective collapse of the Lone Wolf Theory. According to this asinine ideology, ludicrously pushed by Manchester police in the 24 hours following the attack, terrorists are individuals with a grievance who usually act alone. It is and always was utter nonsense. Its propagation has been associated with outright deception, such as the outrageous claims that the Oslo terrorist, Breivik, was a right-wing political activist and acted alone. In fact the young victims were caught in a crossfire and the shots came from at least two different directions, some say three.

Sky News interviewed a potentially important eye-witness on Tuesday morning, dropping her from later coverage, probably under pressure from the police or the Cabinet Office. She claimed to have been sitting next to a woman displaying several classic signs of a terrorist bomber, who was very nervous and kept looking towards the foyer where Abadi set off his IED. Security of course did nothing except keep her under observation, as a result of which she left the Arena.

I suspect that this un-named suspect, whom security and the police allowed to get away, was a second bomber. GO2, the German operation in London, would have been unlikely to assign just one terrorist to a target the size of the Arena. An IED detonated in the seating area would have caused a lot more casualties, including crush victims during the evacuation, and would have directed more people into the path of Abedi’s IED.

In addition to potential terrorists inside the venue, there was clearly at least one driver, the bomb-maker, the timer designer and possibly someone to help keep the TATP explosive cool (there are going to be some rather red official faces when the identity of the person in Aylesbury who supplied the ice to keep the TATP used on the night before 7/7 cool emerges into the public domain, as it’s bound to). Then there are the intelligence officers who planned the attack, at DVD HQ in Dachau and GO2 HQ in Vauxhall, plus the member of the ISIS cell who carried out the recon mission. There’s always a reconnaissance effort before a major terrorist attack.

Was He A Suicide Bomber?

The media have obsessed on the notion that Abedi was a suicide bomber. Not being security or intelligence illiterate, they don’t understand that Islamic suicide bombers invariably display certain behaviours prior to an attack, none of which Abedi exhibited. Male Islamic suicide bombers usually put on extra pairs of underpants, e.g. possibly hoping to keep their willies intact for those 72 virgins. It seems that Abedi was only wearing a single undergarment, hopefully brown.  

The 7/7 terrorists were not suicide bombers and I don’t think Abedi was either. Jerry is very practised at double-crosses and it is more likely that Abedi was told he had ten minutes or so to get away, hence the back-pack, which apparently contained the battery. Islamic suicide bombers use vests and tend to carry the battery separately, near a simple trigger mechanism. Western-born suicide bombers are rare. I imagine that the detonation of his device (you get a few milliseconds warning) came as an unwelcome surprise.   

How Do We Stop Terrorists Returning From Syria?

Easy. We just pass an immigration act allowing the Home Secretary to deprive British Citizens with another nationality, such as Abedi, or a close connection to another country, who have been to Syria, of their citizenship.

Who Allowed Unchecked Bags Into The Arena?

Good question! At some point a decision was taken to let people into the MEN Arena without a bag-check. Who took that decision, why, and were the police in the loop?

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