One of the truly pernicious ways the MSM and government work is by suppressing news. I’ve talked about this in previous articles, quoting the US journalist Sharyl Attkisson who described in her book “Stonewalled” how the giant US Media copy from each other while maintaining that if it’s not reported in the New York Times it didn’t happen.

Now this MSM policy of “if we don’t report it it hasn’t happened” attitude has hit us here in the UK with full force: if you look at today’s MSM, the arrest and jailing of Tommy Robinson yesterday simply didn’t happen.

Only those using social media learned yesterday afternoon that Tommy Robinson had been arrested while filming a gang-rape trial – on the street. He was immediately taken to court and jailed, allegedly, for 13 months.

Google ‘Tommy Robinson jailed – News’ and you’ll find, as of this morning, that there are only two articles in the national press – one in ‘Metro’, one in the ‘Independent’. Click on the links to the other, smaller papers or RT and you get a ‘404 – page not found’ notice. There’s nothing in The Times, the BBC, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sun, Mirror – and nothing on Breitbart. 

Why is that? Is it because reporting this is now ‘hate speech’? Or is it because it might be deemed ‘contempt of court? What court? What contempt? Tommy has already been in court and has been jailed!

All you’ll find are youtube videos. The point to remember is that Tommy was arrested for ‘breach of peace’, not for ‘contempt of court’. The other interesting thing shown in the videos is the number of police officers at the scene, outnumbering the bystanders. Must we assume that being present on the street outside a court is now a ‘breach of peace’?

Anyone who has read Tommy’s book “Enemy of the State” (and if you haven’t – buy it and read it) knows what this immediate jail sentence means: a death sentence. Remember Kevin Crehan, jailed for leaving bacon sandwiches outside a mosque, don’t you? He died halfway through his jail sentence.

But let’s step back for a moment and take a wider look. Here are some items for you to consider:

Item 1: Harvey Weinstein of rape fame has now turned himself in. He was arrested and charged with rape, eight months after the accusations surfaced, eight months of the ‘Metoo’ hashtag, eight months after Z-list celebrities claimed they’d been molested and raped years ago but somehow didn’t say anything at the time. But don’t worry – bail was set at $10 million bond or $1 million cash; Weinstein turned over his passport and will be fitted with GPS monitoring requiring him to stay in New York or Connecticut. He’s not in jail.

Item 2: UK politicians being made to resign because of sexual harassment charges. One prominent politician committed suicide even though the police ‘had nothing on him’.

Item 3: nearly weekly reports in the red-tops of yet another rape trial collapsing, often after a couple of years, one even after a man had already been jailed – because the police did not check the tweets and facebook pages of the “victims” properly, which showed again and again that the accused were innocent.

Item 4: rapists belonging to that certain religion however are untouchable, as we’ve learned since Rotherham, Telford, Birmingham, Bristol, Rochester, and … and … and. The latest ‘excuse’ is that the rape was ‘consensual’ and the rapist ‘didn’t know the age of the girl’. Another ‘excuse’ was that the girl made it all up because she hates muslims … Was there an outcry by the ‘metoo-ists’? Was there heck!

Item 5: filming on an empty street, with hardly any bystanders, outside a court (not even on the steps) where a trial is held against eight grooming gang members (all with the first name “Mohamed” or a version thereof) is a breach of peace, leading to immediate arrest and jail.

You won’t find this little compilation of items in our lovely MSM. You won’t find them trying to connect the dots. That, after all, might well be ‘hate speech’, which now can carry a sentence of up to six years in jail. So we all have to be careful, very very careful, haven’t we!

But let me ask these questions:

Isn’t it odd how the ‘Metoo-ists’ are so courageous, standing up after ten, twenty years and demanding the full force of the law to be applied to these ‘sex pests’ while at the same time saying nary a word about the actual gang rapes of children during these past 20 years?

Is rape different and more heinous when perpetrated by a Hollywood ‘celebrity’ than when it’s done to children, under-age girls, by gangs of so-called “Asians”? (Apologies to our Sikh, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese citizens for the offensive use of that label: we, unlike the Establishment MSM, know that those perps are muslims of mostly Pakistani origin – but mustn’t say so because that’s ‘hate speech’.)

Isn’t it odd that nobody would dream of arresting and jailing the press filming the “perp walk” of Weinstein for ‘breach of peace’ – but one man and one camera on an empty street is deemed to be a ‘breach of peace’ over here in the UK, with a jail sentence that might become a death sentence?

So this is where we are in our country: Englishmen – all white – get jailed or have to wait for their rape trial for one or more years, their lives in tatters, before their court cases collapse because the ‘victim’ has lied but the police didn’t bother to find out. At the same time, muslim grooming gang members and rapists can do their evil trade abusing underage girls and children for years because the police accepts their statements that ‘the girls wanted it’. At the same time, the establishment MSM don’t report on the gangs, don’t report on the court cases and don’t even report on the arrest of Tommy Robinson for filming on a street …

Well, you can’t really blame them, can you – they have to report on the ongoing Royal Saga of Harry and his new wifey, so there’s no space or pixels for anything else …



UPDATE: while re-checking the google news site (linked to above), there’s suddenly the link to an article in the ‘Evening Standard’ – which was published last night and hasn’t been pulled.


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