… because it’s not been reported in the MSM.

That is the most important instrument in the arsenal of the establishment, be it here in the UK, in Germany or indeed Brussels. I mention Germany because it is right now the best example for this trick one could wish for.


Exhibit A

On New Year’s Eve, about 1,000 (yes, that’s one thousand, estimated by the police so the number was probably higher) men of ‘probably North African origin’ (a new coy way to avoid using the dreaded “M”-word) attacked Germans on the big place in front of the Main Station in Cologne. Nearly 100 German women reported having been sexually attacked by what looked to be organised groups who also robbed them. Here is a report.

The point is not that this happened, horrifying as it is.

The point is that with the exception of one local paper this was not reported in the national German papers until yesterday afternoon. A similar, smaller ‘occurrence’ took place in Hamburg.

Germans ask online why their MSM are reporting immediately and nationally about even a single smashed window in a refugee centre but are unwilling to report on this mass sexual attack which was rightly compared to what happened a short while ago in Cairo on Tahir Square during demonstrations.

It is quite simple: if the national MSM don’t report, it didn’t happen. As far as editors and hacks are concerned, they wait until a top paper or TV station reports so that they can copy without being blamed for racism, sexism etc. Actual top-investigative journalists have pointed this out for some time, for example the outstanding US journalist Sharyl Atkisson.

For us ordinary people this means we don’t get to know, and can be told, when we dare to ask, that it’s nothing to get excited about and if you dare to ask you must be a horrible Islamophobe.

Why and how do you think it took so long for us to learn about Rotherham?


Exhibit B

The German top MSM are right now full of articles and opinion pieces about the awful, right-wing extremist Polish government who has the temerity to make the government have a say about who becomes a director in the state TV/Radio stations – which are paid for by government money. Oh, the end of liberal freedom of speech is in sight, and a German Brussels Commissioner is on record saying that Poland ought to be put under supervision by Brussels, see this excellent report here .

What is not being said is that most private Polish MSM are in the hands of big German news conglomerates, who try to ‘nudge’ public opinion by not reporting and by selective reporting in Poland as in Germany. Germans are slowly waking up to this – thus their expression of “Luegenpresse”, ‘liar press’.


Take those two exhibits and you can see clearly for yourselves how our public opinion is being ‘formed’: non-reporting of anything that doesn’t fit the current establishment ideology and denigrating anybody who does dare speak out. After all, if Al Beeb doesn’t report, it hasn’t happened and since the rest of the MSM copy from Al Beeb, we’ll never know about actual events, lies can be perpetuated and people can be smeared.

Just as our government isn’t working for us any longer but for Brussels, so our MSM have abandoned their duty to inform and to check and investigate something as horrific as what happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. Instead they misreport, by omission and smears, so that people in this and other countries don’t even get to know that they are not lonely horrible racist Islamophobes who must be ashamed – but that they are right to question what is being done to them and in their name.

Watch out for this trick in the coming weeks and months in the run-up to the BREXIT referendum!

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