There were some truly amazing events in the past week, culminating in violence and mayhem, even here on our shore.

I’ll refrain from talking about the despicable attitude coming from the EU, where Mr Juncker still maintains that what happened in Cologne and elsewhere on New Year’s Eve was nothing more than a bit of public-order offence.

I’ll also refrain from describing the continuing wails coming from Germany about how hard-hearted the rest of the EU is, refusing to take in some of those one million and more ‘refugees’, or about the astonishing announcement by the Swedish government, to expatriate fake ‘refugees’, yeah even unto 80,000 …

Don’t think that this was caused by the murder of a young woman helping out in a Swedish refugee centre – no, the real cause is that the Swedish democrats are now at around 30% in the polls.

In the wake of my two previous articles on immigration, I’ll focus on three events which illuminate how this ‘crisis’ is driven not just by governments but by NGOs and the complicit MSM.

The first case was the extraordinary news that a ‘Syrian refugee’ had died in Berlin because of high fever and emaciation.

Briefly, cringe-worthy weeping broke out on the Facebook pages of members of a group called ‘Moabit Hilft’ (Moabit is a district in Berlin where the largest refugee admin centre is located, and ‘Hilft’ is ‘Helps’). One of their members tweeted, allegedly from an emergency ambulance, that an ill Syrian ‘refugee’, emaciated and with high temperatures, had just died of heart failure. That took place during the night – and lo and behold, at first light the ‘helpers’ had already made a little shrine, with lots of candles and a huge black banner. All wore black armbands. The tweets (‘we knew you, you poor young man – I am crying now’, that sort of thing) were stomach-turning.

This news made the local, then the national German papers: how could this be allowed; how was that possible! Politicians must resign now!

Well – it turns out that was a lie, there was no death, there even was no ‘Syrian refugee’, here is a report in English, after the lie had been exposed.

This was political theatre, perpetrated for political aims (more money, more refugees, sack all politicians – you know the pattern by now) by a small NGO.

This is how they work!

Then we have the case of that Swedish helper who was stabbed to death in a camp in Sweden, allegedly by ‘children’. Turns out she herself had warned that these children were more like young adult men – and the Swedish Government had nothing better to do that block the online edition of the Daily Mail who published that embarrassing fact, see this report.

This is how governments in the EU work: nothing must disturb the friendly image of ‘poor refugees’, who are in fact migrants – even unto blocking an online paper, something we condemn when it happens in China.

This is how they work!

But, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, you cannot fool all the people all of the time. So it’s not surprising that something has to give, especially not when citizens across the EU see and feel how their government and MSM abandon and brainwash them.

Accounts by many ordinary citizens speak about how migrants congregate at main train stations in practically any large town and city across Europe, from Switzerland to Germany to Sweden.

This weekend a group of ordinary Swedish men – sorry, that’s a right-wing mob! – took the law, disregarded by their own government, into their hands and ‘rampaged’ through a train station, ‘cleaning it’, after handing out a ‘xenophobic leaflet’ which simply said ‘Enough Now!’ Here is a report, setting the tone of how we have to talk about this.

This is how they work!

And then we have the ‘Jungle Camp’, so beloved by our own lefties that even Corbyn went to visit there the other day.

There are shedloads of reports on how those poor ‘refugees’ have to live, and sometimes even on how they get up to a bit of naughtiness, like rampaging and burning stuff.

There are no reports on the daily attacks on truck drivers, even on a school bus. Our own Mike Hookem has been reporting this summer, even before the million ‘poor refugees’ arrived. Only Breitbart London reports regularly, for example on this horrific attack.

So the scene was set for mayhem and violence on Saturday January 30th in Dover, with valid questions being asked why only fringe groups stand up for the truck drivers and Labour abandon them. You can now answer yourselves: Labour doesn’t do that, because they, and trade unions like Unite, support the lefty splinter groups who are always there, just as in Germany, to do battle with the ‘Nazis’ and the police.

So it was in Dover – the photos speak for themselves.

One thing struck me: look at how the ordinary people are dressed – and look at how the lefties are dressed: they are wearing what amounts to uniforms. I’ll call them scare troopers …

This is how they work!

Do we really believe that at least 50% of the people in the EU memberstates, not just in Germany, have suddenly become ‘Nazis’?


In the words of the Swedes: “Enough now!”

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