On January 30th 2018, Michael Crick, renowned journalist and scourge of politicians who have something to hide, reported on the Ch4 News that the Party leader Henry Bolton misrepresented certain items on his Linkedin page, for example that he had a BA from Sandhurst. Sadly, Sandhurst does not give out degrees …

As we all know, once Mr Crick has got his teeth into a scandal, he won’t let go. So expect more to come, especially since UKIP readers knew already.

One of our contributors and comment posters who writes as “Mr Bav” had already pointed out that misrepresentation, and some more interesting ones in his comment posts in this article “Veterans Against Terrorism call to support Gerard Batten”. These comments were posted around 9am on Jan 30th. So rest assured, there will be more to come, as I’ll report below.

First though, in a different scandalous development, it would seem that Mr Bolton has received money collected from members passing the hat round at his appearances at branch meetings. Our reader Paul Mills posted comments about that last evening on UKIP Daily, and Darrell Goodliffe of Kipper Central reported more last night:

EXCLUSIVE: Bolton Received THOUSANDS Of £s From UKIP Branches

I’ll come back to this below.

First, let me give credit where it’s due. With his permission I’ll introduce “Mr Bav” whom you know from these pages. He is Kevin Baverstock and has done the most outstanding sleuthing work on Bolton, looking at entries in that Linkedin page quoted by Mr Crick (now altered by Bolton). Don’t worry, “Mr Bav” has the screenshots of the unaltered page.

Here are some items which do need explanations – not from Bolton who is not exactly trustworthy now, but from those with professional experience in e.g. the Armed Forces. “Mr Bav” writes:

Here’s his entry in the London Gazette:

The big number (24448913) is his original Army number . His new officers number( 540249 ) is also shown. There  is something very odd here. Army numbers are issued chronologically. He HAD to have joined the Army in these brackets (before May 1978 ) AT AGE 14? Is he lying about his age too?”

Henry Bolton gives his date of birth as 2nd MArch 1963 – you do the maths!.

Then there are these items on his Linkedin page which “Mr Bav” took screenshots of.

“Mr Bav” writes:

I might add that Chieftain tanks have never been in ANY infantry regiment in the British Army ( they are in cavalry regiments ) and that Bolton, as an infantry officer, would never be a ‘Chieftain crewman’.  I do believe however that he may have been  a Chieftain driver as a private soldier when he was in the Royal Hussars.  Long Range Patrol duties are also not infantry work. Normally SAS/HAC.  Neither was he an ‘Intelligence Officer “ That’s with Int Corps.”

Something which we hope our friends from “Veterans against Terrorism” can verify: Bolton left the Army as Lance corporal – after 11 years. …!

Also noteworthy:

“Strange….. Britain did not fight in Afghanistan until 2001.  Bolton was a TA officer from 1992 to 1994. His regiment (The Wessex Regiment) DISBANDED in 1995 – He still wears the tie on TV.”

More questions arise about his time in the Thames Valley Police:

“I can’t find anything about the ‘Outstanding Bravery Award’ . It’s certainly NOT  a real gong, or he would wear it. It’s not in the London Gazette, as I would have found it. Thames Valley Police will not talk to me, as I’m not accredited. If we find out it didn’t exist, or its a certificate for rescuing a cat, he’s in trouble.”

And here is the final summary, written by Kevin Baverstock, a.k.a. “Mr Bav” which is entirely fair:

“Its highly unlikely but not impossible that Bolton has an ‘out of sequence’ number [army number]. However some things are certain.

  • He never fought in Kosovo – KFOR did not deploy until June 1999. His regiment disbanded 4 years earlier.
  • Police Officers are not allowed to serve in the Regular Army. TA duty is also highly unusual  but not impossible. The Met does not allow it, some others do.)
  • He most definitely WAS NOT  a ‘District Governor in Kosovo’  Ever.
  • He never fought as a British Army officer in Afghanistan.  He left the Army way  before the conflict started.  

British civilian contractors  must not bear arms in Afghanistan. His photo [Ed: on his CV page at henrybolton.org which has been taken down last week, so don’t bother going there!] is just him posing in an SAS smock with an AK type weapon. Not unusual and not sinister in itself, however he has never been in the Special Forces (wearing SF smocks is a no-no unless you are serving/served in them) at any time. To be fair he has never claimed to be SF.

  • He has never ‘served with French commandos’ Ever.
  • He claims to be an ‘International Diplomat’ but as far as I know the FCO does not employ individuals without any GCSE’s  or academic qualifications who speak no foreign languages.
  • He claims to have been a Captain in the Wessex Regiment up to 1998, but in other interviews 2000-  but  It disbanded in 1994/5
  • He was certainly a Captain in the Wessex Regiment (TA ) when it disbanded.  He has two Gazetted promotions. The last in 1994 ( likely on disbandment)
  • His highest rank in the regular Army was Lance-Corporal.  After 14 years.  That’s an almost impossible under achievement  for a soldier
  • There are no public records of a ‘Police award for outstanding bravery’
  • He wears no British Army campaign medals.  This is highly unusual for the length of service he had, but not impossible. “

I’ve forwarded most of this material yesterday evening to Gerard Batten MEP, Mike Hookem MEP and John Bickley, treasurer. I’ve also forwarded it to the leader of “Veterans against Terrorism”.

It seems that by 7 am today, none of the online papers have picked up on Mr Crick’s story. Since politics is taking place on Twitter, I’m certain our NEC members, our Party Chairman and UKIP Legal will be delighted to peruse the tweets on Mr Crick’s account by the public who are ridiculing not just Mr Bolton but the whole of our Party. Can there be any doubt that he has brought the Party into disrepute and is doing so the longer he clings on?

In summary: money was collected from members to support Bolton – see Darrell Goodlife’s article above. Misrepresenting one’s achievements on one’s CV in order to obtain a job, any job, not just Leader of UKIP, usually ends in that person being told to pack his stuff and leave the office within an hour. Obtaining money based on misrepresentations – well, I believe our lawyers and Treasurer will know how to address that …

I urge the NEC and the Chairman to take action now – and save the PArty the expense of running an EGM. Asking Bolton to do the honourable thing – that, given this exposé, is futile.

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