We know that a picture says more than a thousand words. The ‘progressive’ Left, sitting in their nice offices ‘counselling’ our politicians or writing the stories we get to read in our MSM, know that full well. So we in the UK, and indeed everybody in the EU, were ‘treated’ yesterday and today to that photo of the poor little boy who drowned near the coast of Turkey, which was on the front pages of all the papers across the EU.

Yes, that was indeed heart-breaking, but we are still allowed to ask some questions, aren’t we!

For example, while politicians and MSM are now in full flow about how this is a wake-up call (where have they been these last weeks? On holidays, that’s where!) and that we simply must take in those Syrian refugees, a few inconvenient truths are conveniently overlooked.

There’s the inconvenient fact that the wife and the other son of that man also lost their lives, because life belts were only ‘issued’ to the men, the smugglers included.

There’s the inconvenient fact that this family, like so many others, were quite safe in refugee camps in Turkey, but had their immigrant application to Canada refused by the UN, that’s why they tried to cross into the EU, i.e. Greece.

There’s the inconvenient fact that the despicable people smugglers demand hefty sums of money for their ‘work’ – nobody asks who pays and how come ‘poor’ refugees have so much money.

But never mind all that! The simple fact is that it finally worked: Cameron will now ‘allow’ more Syrian refugees into the UK. Let nobody remind him that he and his then Foreign Secretary Mr William Hague wanted to bomb Syria, if not exactly have ‘boots on the ground’ a couple of years ago, together with the USA .

Here’s another inconvenient fact: these ‘refugees’ in camps everywhere conveniently all have lost their passports – conveniently because thus they cannot be deported.

Suddenly those ‘refugees’ stuck in Hungary and elsewhere have miraculously ‘found’ their passports again – and are all Syrians …. but don’t mention the inconvenient news that the huge majority are actually people from Albania and Kosovo who want one thing only: get to Germany, to what they see as ‘paradise’.

There’s another very worrying aspect to this latest cave-in by Cameron. It’s his spineless response to the pressure from Merkel, Hollande, Juncker and the whole Brussels-Berlin Axis. This bodes very ill for his ‘re-negotiations’ with Brussels, and it bodes extremely ill to the growing campaign for the EU Referendum.

The MSM will use all and any tear-jerking photos, images and stories to brainwash us all, to make us vote based on emotions, not on facts.

Here are two questions which nobody in the establishment will even allow to be asked, never mind answer:

  • Given all those ‘refugees’ now being welcomed with open arms in France and Germany, according to M Hollande and Mrs Merkel, how long will it be before they turn up here in the UK, thanks to the pillar of the EU, free movement of people?
  • How are we going to pay, given that the EU demands that everybody gets the same benefits as the native inhabitants?

No, these questions will not be asked, and those who do try will be labelled heartless, inhumane xenophobes. There won’t be any answers.

That’s how and why this photo of that truly innocent little boy finally has worked in the way the EU Establishment – in the EU member state capitals as well as in Brussels – have always wanted: emotions and feelings trumping facts.

That’s why nobody anywhere dares ask who actually benefits from this huge wave of ‘refugees’ wanting to reach three countries by preference: Germany, Sweden, and the UK, ‘refugees’ who are actually quite safe from war in the camps in Turkey, camps where that little boy came from.

Emotions are now trumping facts when policies are formulated and decided on in our present society.

That’s why that photo worked – and that’s why we better prepare for more of such images.

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